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Enjoying nature in the city/county


Living in Ikoria
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If you live in the city or county instead of the country, what are some ways that you enjoy nature around your household?

I thought of this thread because for the first time since moving in as Millz' rookie, I filled up our birdbath which is close to the back patio. Living in St. Louis County, one way that I sit back and enjoy nature every once in a while is looking at the simple kinds of birds that one can usually find in their yard. A while after filling the birdbath up with cold water, a few different sparrows enjoyed it by drinking and bathing. I've always enjoyed watching birds during my life (not with binoculars or anything serious), and it's a small way to stop, enjoy nature, and live in the moment.


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I live in a city, but I am quite lucky as where I am the house is surrounded by trees, and there are 3 parks in walking distance. It really doesn't feel like a city.
There is also a nature reserve which is a 20 minute drive away, there are forests and open grassy areas for picnics and there are camping sites and holiday parks. And the sea is really close too.


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I find lots of interesting things in the boring old grimy city I live in.

I have a photographers perspective on things so I get all artsy and stuff about things and tend to look at everything as being interesting and worth my time.


I could just go find a bench in a park and sit there for hours during the daytime if I really wanted to just looking at everything and imagining how it would look as a photo, and what kind of photo and everything else. I wouldn't even need a camera to mentally do it all but I'd be kinda annoyed that I missed being able to take whatever shot it is.


The sun rise and sunset are some of my favorites too, I'm always up to watch the sun rise and fall and the bright days with lots of light contrast all over the place and deep rich shadows to and fro just light me up.

It doesn't just have to be natural though in a sense, an empty soda can casually tossed onto the sidewalk in front of me is extremely interesting on its own. How it got there, how long it will stay, where it will go, etc.


There is beauty in everything, you just have to look for it.


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I try to go for walks around parks or the nearby forest preserves every once in a while. It's a nice way to get away from all the noise of the urban environment where I live.


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Colorful Colorado, that should speak for itself. :)

My state is well known for being one of the most scenic and active. I definitely enjoy looking at the front range all the time (it's also an amazing tool to use as a sort of compass :lol:) There's not much that's actually in my city that I really appreciate.

I go up into the mountains regularly to enjoy nature and get away from stuff. It's amazing just how secluded everything can feel. I'm always up for a good hike and I rarely turn down the opportunity to go up into the mountains. 90% of the best scenery that I've seen has been during my various 14er hikes over the years.

There's also a small lake where I go kayaking near where I live, it's right next to a city but it feels like it's miles away from civilization. Such a great place to go and enjoy the sunset.


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Sometimes I'll just sit on our little patio outside with the cat, and watch all the wild cars drive back and forth.

Not much opportunity to enjoy nature where we live, since we're right on a major thoroughfare. I'm lucky enough, though, to be able to go visit my family an hour outside the city; that's where I get my nature fix.


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Where I live it is half rural and half urban really. However, the suburb I live in is home to many birds from Goldfinches, Sparrows, Blackbirds, Doves, Crows and whatnot...
I think the most interesting creature we see a lot of is the Hedgehog, especially in summer. Bloody bad to tread on mind if you're in your socks.


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When it comes to nature from where I live, I enjoy the sunrise (if I can wake up at the right time) and the sunset. Since Spring of 2008, I've been enjoying the way the trees grow their leaves back and use them as a reminder of the seasons.


I live in a big city, but I'm lucky because my apartment is only a 10 minute walk from this:

The huge Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens. I spend a lot of time there, especially in Summer, and love to go for walks and take Pringle there too.


Sally Twit
We have a few nice parks around the local area. One thing I love to do is feed the ducks at a nature reserve. It's a short drive and you can buy bags of corn on arrival. I love the way they surround you as soon as they spot the brown bag of goodness haha.