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Discussion in 'Football / Soccer' started by English-Emo-Boy, Aug 31, 2008.

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    So the English football transfer window closes midnight on Monday.

    These next few days are the busiest period of the window. You wonder why the managers leave it so late!

    There's expected to be over 50 deals done on the final day throughout the football league.

    Expected deals done before the close:

    Berbatov (Tottenham to Manchester United)
    Robinho (Real Madrid to Chelsea)

    Does anyone know of any others?

  2. Syndicate

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    Michael Owen might be off by the look of it! Spurs / Man Utd are the supposed links but who knows. I love this part of the season though. Bound to be a suprise or two very soon. :D I wouldn't be shocked if Arshavin disappeared. Frazier Campbell off to Hull if Berb arrives, maybe? Certainly a few clubs needing some new recruits. I expect at least one good signing for Newcastle, though who is anyones guess.
  3. English-Emo-Boy

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    Do you think we'll get Berbatov?

    If so we need to bloody hurry up.

    He's been left out of the Spurs 18 today.
  4. Syndicate

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    I still think so. There's no point throwing him in the reserves and letting his value decay. By no means a certainty though. I noticed the rumour floating around with MU and Huntelaar. I wonder how Spurs would feel ifs Man Utd lost patience and brought in someone else. Would Berb still be worth £30 then? :lick: In a perfect world, I'd like us taking both and selling Campbell. Bring back the Yorke/Cole/Sheringham/Solskjaer quad power. :D

    Real Madrid just released a statement on Robinho. Real said they deplore the way Chelsea's acted despite knowing their stance on the issue. Haha! Are you kidding me? They all bloody do it and they all complain when it happens to them.

    Wenger has £30m to blow if he wishes, according to the Arsenal board and he didn't rule out any late transfers. One to keep an eye on too!
  5. English-Emo-Boy

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    Real Madrid = The biggest summer hypocirtes.
    I just heard about this on SSN. It's crazy.

    I think we'll get Berbatov, we need a quality striker because our existing players are just not cutting the mustard at the moment.

    I doubt Wenger will be bringing any new players in, he's too prudent with money.
  6. Syndicate

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    He sure is. You'd think it was his own money.
  7. English-Emo-Boy

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    Yeah lol.

    The Chelsea manager is keeping his cards close to his chest. He says he doesn't know the situation regarding Robinho. Which I think is nonsense, surely the manager knows what's going on.
    Wow, there's been some real twists and turns.

    Looks like Berbatov is heading to Manchester..............City!
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  8. Syndicate

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    Holy crap, just saw this too! Unbelievable.

    "I understand Spurs haven't granted United permission to talk with with the player," he said.
    "The only bid they have approved is from Manchester City, believed to be around £34m."

    That can't be. City bidding £34m. I read that Thaksin is selling the club to the Dubai group too. Lots of action going down over there.

    Saha gone too. 2 more hours left! This is exciting :D


    Normally he'd go to Man Utd every time but if they aren't matching £34m. The good side is that he is still in Manchester and they can get him over to Old Trafford fast if needed. Spurs have MU by the balls now though. We just sold Saha and we already needed a striker. City would laugh til the end of the season if they pulled this one off.
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  9. English-Emo-Boy

    English-Emo-Boy Supreme System Lord V.I.P. Lifetime

    City now look like getting Chelsea target Robinho.

    Berbatov has just been shaking hands with Fergie and David Gill at Old Trafford. Looking good if you ask me.
  10. Syndicate

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    That's a relief. I was just going to mention Robinhos deal too, also reported to be around £34, wherever he's going. Looks like the british transfer record might be broken tonight either way.

    Rumour mill is rotating fast enough to go airborne at the moment. Talk of Owen spotted at Spurs. No proof yet though.
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