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    How is celebrated engagement in your country or region?
    Do you propose to marriage in order to get engaged? or you propose to get engaged and marriage may not be part of a near future?
    what role plays the engagement:
    - according to your country's tradition?
    - according to you?

    i'll post my reply later.

  2. ysabel

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    Engagement is when marriage is on the table, from the period when two agree to get married to the day they actually do.
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    We propose marriage in order to get married. And until we do we are considered engaged. Engagement here (religious ones) lasts between 1 month (extreme) to 6 months.
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    here's a bit different.
    we propose to engagement if we want our parents to know about our relationship. until then we keep it a secret. from the moment our families know about us, we get engaged . but we don't know if we're going to get married.
    so we may stay engaged 2-3 years and then break up.

    then marriage proposal is something else.
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