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Discussion in 'Advice Board' started by Bulldog87, Jan 20, 2008.

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    Right basically i would like to start by saying i have just turned 21 years old, I have been with my girlfriend now for nearly 3 years i am just a basic man really i work hard at my job making a good wage, my girlfriend is at her last year of University studying for a career. As you can probably tell she is very career driven so marridge is not one of the first things on her list, she doesn't believe in people being engaged for long periods of time. I feel i want to ask this question to her and make it official but nerves get the better of me every time.

    What i would like to know is should i ask her now, whilst she is still at Uni, granted we wouldn't get married til at least next year which is not too bad althought i know she loves me i am still worried about goin to the effort getting a ring and being turned down even for now has got to be a heart breaking scenario? whats your opinions...

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    Well, you both still seem quite young, why not just live together for some time and let it grow more? You both seem like you have careers. I mean, you can have careers and be married, it's not something rare to do. Work up the nerve to talk to her about what she thinks of your relationship. Things can work out, even though she may act like she doesn't want long term (give me a break, you've been together for 3 years! That's a decent amount of time)

    EDIT: Wait, you just said in another thread she's your fiance. I'm confused.
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    Do you guys live together already? If you don't I think that should be your next step. Give that a year or so, and when she hits the job market you'll be ready to pop the question while you both are starting new lives.
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    my mistake i meant to put future fiance i did mention i have a bad way with words but apologies to all.
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    Engagement isn't something you should spring on her out of nowhere.

    The two of you need to discuss, in detail, where your relationship is, where you both see it going, and what kind of time frame is appropriate for taking "the next step".

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