Engagement Party?


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So... on July 2nd, 2009, Mark Winfield Wetherbee, Jr. asked my hand in marriage. I was giddy and ridiculous, and cried like the nerd I am.

I didn't SAY yes, but I nodded vigerously... which means I said yes.

Now, I called my mother we giggled like little girlies for an hour or so and then she got right down to planning an "engagement party" for us.

I didn't know people HAD engagement parties.

Am I the only one who didn't know?

Is this a specific to my crazy family thing?

Or is it an American thing? Or do they do this elsewhere?

Just wondering how and when this Engagement Party thing came about...


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Firstly. CONGRATULATIONS!! That is awesome

Secondly. Yes people do have engagement parties, and people bring you presents, and it is all rather embarrassing. When I got engaged, my foster parents organized one for us, much to my disgust. I made it clear I didn't want one, but we reached the compromise it would only be family. So, no it isn't just an american thing, or a crazy thing your family does.

EDIT; A plus side being that it is an awesome excuse to get drunk :D
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First of all, congrats! That's exciting news for you two. :)

As for the engagement party, it is fairly common among the people I know. I was just at one not to long ago in fact. Nothing to worry about. Usually just some closer friends getting together to celebrate with some food and drinks. It's really up to you what exactly happens at one of these. They are pretty informal from my experience.

So were you expecting him to propose that day or did he surprise you? Is there a story that goes along with the proposal?
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Actually there IS a story that goes with the proposal.

We met online (yes, occasionally? They work out pretty schweet!). 2 years ago on okcupid.com (yes for real. lawl we're lame.)

Shortly after we met face to face (June 2nd, 2007), we went to Assateague Island with his family for vacation (4th of July weekend 2007).

Here we are two years later. We had 4th of July reservations at Assateague again, with his family.

After a disgustingly hard day of putting up our tent, the pipe in the camper breaking off the water pump thinger, going to town for a new one, bug bites, heat rash and general grossness, Mark and I retired for some relaxing in our orange tent (the same tent from our first vacation together in 2007).

He got cushions out of the camper for us to sleep on, and covered them in white sheets and did white pillow cases. I wasn't really paying all that much attention though. Since he's always said "white just makes me feel cleaner..."

Anyway, we talked quietly while his drunken parents and sister and brother-in-law played with lazer pointers, pointing them at the tent. ("CAN YOU GUYS SEE THAT!!!! WOAAAAAH")

After they went to bed, Mark tried to get me in the mood... which worked (sorry for the semi-dirty bit). We got unclothed and we just were cuddling under the white sheets. And he says

"Hey... you know those shuffle poems you were doing with your zune?"

(you shuffle through the songs on your zune/ipod and write down the first line of each song that comes on and make retarded nonsensical poetry. Fun but stupid but hilarious at the same time)

I said "Yeah?"

"Well, I did one... want to hear it?"

"Of course!"

So I listened as he read the following:

She rides, let loose upon the night.
Take me out tonight, where there's music and there's people and they're young and alive.
We'll do the tango, we'll try the foxtrot
There's a girl running around my head.
Wise men say only fools rush in, but I can't help falling in love with you.
Pegs of people line the street.
What do you want from me now that you got me.
They say I shouldn't waste my life anymore by running around.
And that I should find a nice white girl and settle down.
They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said, "no, no, no."
I've got the world on a string.
There was only one road by to L.A., U.S. interstate 15.
A necklace of blood droplets mix with your kiss.
Baby, baby, it looks like it's gonna hail.
The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.
I know I've been fooling myself too long.
Doctor, doctor, please, oh the mess I'm in.
You know I can be found sitting home all alone.
When you came in the air went out.
I don't practice Santaria, I aint got no crystal ball.
Yank me, crank me, I need you, baby, like a dog needs a bone.
Oh my love, my darling, I hunger for your touch.
Some might say that sunshine follows thunder.
Well this here's a story 'bout Billy Joe and Bobby Sue.
I know we're just like old friends.
Sometimes, I wish I was brave, I wish I was stronger, wish I could feel no pain.
Fuck all authority.
I wanna rock.
It's three O'clock at the triple rock.
Before you slip into unconsciousness, I'd like to have another kiss.

*here he took a deep breath and included the thing I told him he'd have to incorporate into any proposal to get me to say yes... I was joking but he did it... he included a giraffe and this is when I realized and held my breath...*

My best friend is a gentle giraffe.
I knew the moment I first saw you, our love was meant to be.
Marry Me."

Of course I cried like a stupid nerd-face and nodded like crazy and hugged him as tight as I could..

Later I was told that we were naked on purpose.... and the sheets were white so it would be the purest of proposals and I feel retarded now, but I'm happier than a happy thing with Mark. So this worked.

The ring is not a solitaire, but I never wanted solitaire. It's a channel set with 12 little diamonds in it.

So yes. The proposal was the best thing I could've asked for.


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My sister had an engagement party and we're not American. It's definitely a common thing. You have an engagement party and a hen night.



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Congrats for the both of you, and for your question, I know people who have done it and at the same time know people who didn't do it, I guess its just a personal thing between the two people if they want one or not.
Cute story, and congratulations!! I've never been to or heard first-hand of anyone having an engagement party before, but I knew they existed lol. Anyway, I hope you have a great one, however it turns out.


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Yes engagement parties are really quite common, some people don't have them, some people do. It's usually proper to have one though... at least I think.

As other people have mentioned it's just a case of family or friends coming to see you and giving you gifts and generally having a nice time over some food and a few drinks!

Hope you have fun at yours! :D
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Congratulations on your engagement.

I have known three couples who have had engagement parties. One of the couples was my cousin and his wife. The party they had was for family only and a few friends who were in the wedding party. They had the party at a family cabin. It was basically a barbecue. The other two couples I knew had parties for both friends and family.
At the parties I attended there weren't any gifts. I think maybe there weren't gifts because people figured that gifts would be given at the bridal shower and wedding.


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My engagement party was mostly about presenting the fiancé to the family. It's kinda like a belated "meet the family" gathering.