Energy Drinks


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I drink rockstar occasionally but I hear that those 5 hour energy things are really good.
If I want something with taste I normally go Red Bull, I actually like the taste of them. Bawls is also really good, but not much on the energy side.

If I really really need energy I go with a 5 Hour Energy. They taste like absolute crap, and they are small and expensive, but they work better than anything else I've ever had. They work just like the TV ads say, there is absolutely no crash, and they keep you going. It's a lot more healthier than most energy drinks, because it's less focused on caffeine and more focused on the vitamin side of energy. I think it's got as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.

Again taste like crap, but works wonders. Thats why it's so small, you chug it, you don't drink it lol.


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Hmm im gonna have to try that 5 hour energy now the next time i go to the casino for a 12 hour poker sesion. :) I usually just drink a hell of a lot of coffee while im there but then i have to go to the bathroom every 30 mins. lol
Definatly, you should really try the 5 hour energy drink. I work at FedEx Ground (It's a hub, and I literally load packages into semi-trailers for 5 hours. From 11 pm - 4 am. It keeps me running and keeps me awake afterwards.


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I had a Red Bull once. It was alright. Now i don't drink energy drinks because of how bad they are for you.


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Rockstars are amazing. But I don't really get to drink any energy drinks anyway. But I've had Red Bull and it's pretty good.