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Discuss Energy drink of choice?


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What is your favorite type of 'energy' drink?

I love Mountain Dew's new ones, especially since they're only 80 calories a can. If I didn't care about the super sugar overload, cherry Amp is my favorite.


Also, only people who drink them need apply! ;)
In Australia, we call them soft drinks :lol:

My energy drink of choice is V. It's a New Zealand product, not sure if it's on the shelves in USA.


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Mountain Dew Voltage. Yeah I know it only has a little more caffeine than the other drinks but I really dont need that much more energy anyway and I like the taste.


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Never taken 5 hour energy, rock star, monster, amp, red bull, etc. heck, I've never even had coffee before :lol:.

My favorite energy drink is Powerade or Gatorade of most any flavor. If we're all honest, they're pretty much exactly the same.

I also take a really cool one called 24K every once in a while. This one is good because it won't hurt you as 5 hour energy (it's target competitor) will. It'll even help you sleep because the energy release doesn't work in the same way.


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I'm with Smelnick. Monster is my drink. Original flavor. Unfortunately, I don't get it very often. The one in charge of most of the grocery shopping (aka the only driver) gets cases of Red Bull. I don't mind. I don't hate the stuff, and it blends well with Pepsi.


What's your POISON?

It's not the sugar you should fear, it's the unsafe levels of caffeine. They use different forms of caffeine to skirt around the legal limits. I fear one of the epidemics of the future will be heart arrhythmia and other heart problems. Kids today drink that crud like it's cola. It's actually like 10 cola's in the time it takes to drink 1. Even my Dr. Pepper habit doesn't compare to what energy drink junkies soak up in the way of caffeine. Many young people add alcohol to the mix which is much worse and has even killed a few. Save yourself a serious medical condition down the road and steer clear of this legal narcotic now. I'm not exaggerating. This stuff is bad.

- Chameleon
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