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Enemy list 2012


not a plastic bag
Strassel: Trolling for Dirt on the President's List - WSJ.com

This guy gave money to Romney and Team Obama set out to destroy him with lies. He's not the only one on the enemy list.

Politics at its lowest. Destroying your opponent isn't good enough for Team Obama. Destroying the opponent's family isn't good enough for Team Obama. Now they must destroy the people that support his opponent. Where's Mr. Civility? Or was the Gabby Giffords speech just an attempt to score a few political points after a tragedy?


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I reasearched the article and all the donors. The majority of the info provided was factual data. Can youplease explain how this destroyed the donors and their families lives? I would also like if you include which points were lies and attacks. I read the exact article Strassel claimed was attacks and lies and it mostly presented factual data with a few slanders that weren't exactly nefarious or even far off base. Why didn't you provide a link to the actual article and only a link to Strassel's article claiming how damging it is. She mis quoted the actual article a few times and added statements that weren't made in the original article. I am curious how the original article presented attacks and lies as well as how lives were destroyed by it. I feel the response to this list of donors or as it is called in this thread "list of enemies" was overly aggressive, angry and blown way out of proportion. The anger from Strassel and yourself is palpable. I look forward to your rational response coupled with presentaion of factual data devoid of flared emotion..if possible.
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not a plastic bag
Since you make such broad generalizations about me, here's one about you: You have no clue what the historical significance of the term "Enemy's List" is. Here's another. You have no idea that an iconic American guitar maker ran by confessed Conservatives had its factor raided by the Department of Justice twice, half a million dollars of supplies confiscated 8 months ago and they have not been charged with any crimes.

But back to the topic at hand. A guy wanted to support Romney so he gave a considerable amount of money to the Romney campaign. Obama put his name on his website with the title: "wealthy individuals with less-than-reputable records." They hired an investigator to try to embarrass him and hurt him financially. They got the Obamatrons in the media to smear him as a "gay bashing thug." His family has been harassed. His business has suffered as a result of the lies spread about him.

Any idiot could figure out the message. If you are a big donor supporter to Romney will do everything we can to embarrass you, harass your family and hurt your business. And in the case of Gibson guitars they will go above the law if needed.
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No doubt, MiT!

0bama will do ANYTHING he wants. He is the epitome of a narcissistic ruling class sociopath of a leader. His actions demonstrate his I'm above the law attitude. He knows he has the power to destroy his opposition. But we knew that from the start when he told Chrysler bond holders to give up their claim to their property or he would come after them. When threatened publicly by the president they acquiesced and He took the property of SECURED bondholders and transferred that wealth to the unions.