Enemy Controller; Friday, September 29th, 2006

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Today's card bounces in and out of decks constantly:

The great thing is that this card has 2 effects that are very useable:
Select and activate 1 of the following effects: ?Change the Battle Position of 1 face-up monster on your opponent's side of the field. ?Offer 1 monster on your side of the field as a Tribute. Select 1 face-up monster on your opponent's side of the field. Take control of the selected card until the End Phase of the turn this card is activated.
The first effect is great because it can prolong an attack to the next turn allowing you a chance to gain advantage. Back in the day of Beatdown decks with Berserk Gorilla it was key in a non-battle destruction of the high attacker.

The second effect can do the same stalling since its Quickplay or can help you gain advantage by using it by tributing your Sangan to take their monster to sacrifice it and gain a card in hand.

Currently it sees moderate play because it's a hard to come by card; however it's coming out as a common in the Machine SD coming soon which could result in more play.

Advanced: 3 out of 5
Traditional: 3 out of 5
this card was the shit. when it first came out i got my hands on 3 of them. ran em all.

pure rapeage :)

oh how i loved offering serpant or sangan then sac their moster for jinzo...back in the days


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This card is severely weakened from its counterpart on the show. However, it is the definition of versatility. Being an alternative to Book Of Moon (before Book was restricted) and a suitable replacement for it in most decks, Enemy Controller, Book of Moon and Offerings to the Doomed are the 3 main quickplays that can be used as attack deterents. The cost of Offerings is too high for most, Book of Moon is restricted and Enemy Controller is in short supply. With the release of a common Enemy Controller, there should be a rise in the use of Controllers in people's decks. Not only does it put the opponents monster in the weaker position (if a monster has a weaker position such as the Ancient Gear monsters), but if you already have a monster on the field you can steal theirs for the turn. I would have prefered the control of the enemy monster to be permanent such as a reverse Magic Box, but then it would be A. in every deck and B. restricted to one if not banned. The fact that it is a quickplay would make a permanent control change infinitely more abusable. None the less it is a great card if you are running a deck with piercing monsters (such as beastdown) or Hydrogeddons (kill a monster and send it to the grave to special summon another to the field from the deck) in your deck, Enemy Controller's position change effect gets the added bonus of not just stopping an attack, but setting up another. Versatile when used properly.
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