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End of the Dodge Viper?


Son of Liberty
2008, Dodge sold 1172 Vipers; in 2009, only 659. Prior to that, close to 2000 Vipers were rolling off dealer lots per year. Over 25,000 of these venomous sports cars have been sold since Dodge introduced it in 1992, making the Viper a success, at least until last year’s dismal performance.

Things actually started going downhill in 2008 when it was announced that the Viper brand was for sale. Within a year Chrysler went bankrupt and then a deal was struck with Fiat that saved Chrysler and, strangely, also the Viper. A quick succession of management changes seems to have worked in the Viper’s favor. In June of 2009, Fiat chief Sergio Marchionne was appointed CEO of Chrysler Group.

The next month came news that not only was Viper no longer for sale, but that Ralph Gilles, Chrysler’s vice president of product design (and a known Viper fanatic) would be the new CEO of Dodge Cars and be directly responsible for the Viper. He extended production of the 2010 model as far as it could go, which was this past June, because in July it would have to become a 2011 model. While there won’t be a 2011 model, we have reason to believe we’ll see a concept for a new Viper sometime in 2012, destined for production the following year.

The Future of Viper- Yahoo! Autos Article Page

The Dodge Viper has always been my absolute favorite sports car. The '96 GTS Coupe model being my auto dream.....

To hear that there wont be a 2011 and that a 2012 model is only "rumored" is spooky to me.

obviously sales is gonna slump during the economic climate, but I hope that the Viper Brand is not one we lose because of the financial situation we're in. Sad day in the Auto World if thats true.