End of Mr McMahon Character?


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Credit: F4WOnline.com

According to Dave Meltzer, Vince McMahon was telling people this week that the match with Bret Hart at Wrestlemania would mark the end for the Mr. McMahon character. The idea is that the Montreal incident spawned the creation of the character, and it would only be fitting things would come around full circle with McMahon's character being destroyed by Hart.

Vince has wanted to drop the character for years (the limo explosion was planned to be the end), feeling that he was too old to be a television performer. The Wrestlemania match was designed to blow off all the heel heat from the character, and allow Vince to be a babyface from this point forward.
It does beg one question though, how will people take to Vince without the Mr McMahon character in play because surely the heelish things he has done will not quickly be forgotten?


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Vince is definitely the best heel of all time and I think that it would be stupid of him to drop it since he's so good at it. I rather not seem him on the show then just drop his character personally, because the shit he's done over the past will not be easily forgotten.


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It makes complete sense for him to drop this heel persona. I'll miss it though because it was unbelievably good. One of the best heels we've ever seen in wrestling.


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It's interesting to note that Jim Neidhart did not participate in the family's ritual beatdown of Mr McMahon, even though he was presumably still with them in Phoenix after reportedly attending Stu's induction ceremony.


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With 'Mr. McMahon' out of the equation now, I doubt we will really see Vince's on screen involvement as frequently as we use to. He'll probably come out here and there, but will not put his character involved.