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Enclosing yourself off


Registered Member
As an introvert I have very little problem closing my front door, saying goodbye to the world and cutting off most communication. In the weekend just gone the longest conversation I had with anyone was about 20 minutes with my mum on the phone so as of midnight Friday night to Monday morning I didn't purposely see anyone and barely had any communication and to be honest I am okay with that.

For preperation for "Room" Brie Larson said that she spend thirty days in her apartment with no internet, no phone and very litle for entertainiment. She said that as someone who also prefers to be home alone she thought she would see it as a vacation but said that after five days she almost broke.

As someone who has considered going to a location cut off from anywhere and being around people where you cannot talk with the idea of just having time to think I would almost like to try this but I am not sure if in reality I could do it. In my home I know I can walk out at any time but being in for thirty with no hope of being able to get out? I think that might be too much.

But how about you? Do you think you could cope? Could you do it?


Registered Member
Yes, I think I could. I have always been happy with just me.You just have to let me have books.


Registered Member
No no and totally no. In maybe less than an hour I'm gone to grab a malt and hangout with my friends. Yesterday I was all over the city and I totally did not want to go home. Also parties over the weekend and other cool stuff. Sometimes even parties and other social functions before that happens.

If NASA needs people for the upcoming Mars Mission, that wouldn't be me. Even one day without people would be totally over the top.


Free Spirit
Staff member
30 days with no internet or phone, nope. I have no problem being by myself even for a few days and I'm not big on talking on the phone but I would miss it being there if I needed it. I could go without the net for a couple of days but that is all. So nonononono.

If you throw no TV in this then I wouldn't last a day.


Registered Member
Likewise. Being by yourself for a few days, I've done it plenty of times. But without any TV, internet, phone or anything, I'll just go insane in a matter of hours too. I just need to have something in the background to put me at ease. Music, TV, something.