Empire of the Minority Versus Revolution of the Minority.


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Empire of the Majority Versus Revolution of the Minority.

(A) Effects of Tyranny of the Majority

Ample time has passed, yet their have been so few independent thinkers in America. Throughout this time, the majority has dominated the opinions of most all Americans, like an indestructible machine which reprograms all of whom it encounters, discreetly earning support of all, leaving those with opposing ideas persecuted, isolated and tormented by people of the majority.

If one even dares to contradict this machine, he is red flagged and subjected by unrelenting surveillance and repetitious defamations of character and as a result, this brave soul is usually shunned from society.

I am one of these people. The rest of the majority have been unknowingly brainwashed by media propaganda and other experimentations brought on by MIT, or other agencies in which emphasize controlling minds. Nonetheless, I still stand, protected by the pure Spirit, which is undoubtedly Holy. Yes, the majority conformist has strayed from the solemnity of my ideas, writing off each resolution I suggest as just the speech of a slave, but with my will, I will soon reach the hearts of the majority.

The Ironic thing is it is not my mind which is enslaved by the ways of the machine it is theirs. The cost of free thinking in America is alienation and/or isolation. All across the states, this outcast becomes enemy of the state. Knowing this possibility, I will continue to make people realize I am hero of the state.

Considering my bravery to go outside the boundaries of the majority, I fear my credibility will be continually attacked. Any one who thinks progressively is kept under circumspection in America. These people usually go crazy and rebel or pursue hopeless "cries for help," in which the majority gives no sympathy.

It seems bizarre that a country so proud of freedom lacks so prominently in free thought. The facade of freedom has made slavery more acceptable, as the enslaved are the ones who agree slavery is the best way.

According to Tocqueville, the mentality is as such, "You are free to think differently from me and to retain your life, your property and all that you possess, but you are henceforth a stranger amongst your people"

This mentality, which demands advocacy of the machine, causes many people to give up their sovereignty, thus giving up their crowns. As a result their bodies are free, but their souls enslaved.

This leaves the imprisoned souls in disgruntled submission, waiting for a savior. One in which will come from the minority. One in which will pay society for uniting. One in which will encourage independent thought in news paper. A society controlled by the majority is brought down with the majority, therefore, the minority must step up, advocate honesty, freedom of opinion, expression of truth, and soon after, they will become the majority. This is the way of the world. A society overrun by capitalism to the point of adversely affecting society must change. People must be paid to get to know their hometowns. Inheritance must be left untouched, as to not conflict with the passions of the people. Truth must be told. Revolution must occur.

(B) Direct message from the prince

We need a leader!

My generation is lost, as we have no leader. The government, the media, television, all over the place, I keep seeing less value, and more security. Do they realize that the less liberty a nation has the more hostile and/or less honorable the societies will be? Everywhere I look, myself included, I find my generation getting high, looking for an escape. And I realize, that the more security escalates, the less freedom to take these last resort escapes, we will have. Increasing security is not the answer. What we need is an honest government (or system of leadership) where we can go to, to make sense of all the confusions that resulted from a limited media. A place where we can get inspired by the way things are done. All I see is teachers teaching everything except what is going on. More time should be spent teaching the unlearned present time issues, as with someone to talk to, who can teach us all about the "real world," including the truth the media fails to expose, we will fulfill that void that was based on lack of political leadership.

We need someone with authority to talk to us about current issues. We need for them to prove to us that they are the side we should vote for. I refuse to vote for the empire, as I side with the Revolution, which emphasizes leader and not ruler. I could not write this without God on my side, so I thank God, and pray for support.