Would you take a drug that dulled emotions?

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So, I was reading this Dean Koontz book, Midnight, and in it there's a drug you can take that will dull emotions. All except fear (a survival mechanism.) Pretty much what I'm asking here is, if there was a drug you could take that would dull emotions, would you take it? I don't mean to the point where they were in the movie Equilibrium but to the point where you don't go off on people, take death better, ETC.

Side effects may include de evolution.


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It mostly depends on why I need it. I don't want to not be happy, but if it were for depression and I needed it i would only take it if there were no side effects. I wouldn't want to dull being happy. I wouldn't want fear to be the only emotion I have. That would be extremely lame. So I guess I wouldn't take medication to dull my emotions.. Just an upper with no side effects.


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I would not take anything that would dull my emotions,they are part of who i am,if i had not experienced the truly devastating feeling of losing people who meant the world to me,then maybe i would not have enjoyed the pure delight and wonder of creating a life myself.
For me its a no.


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Imagain you took a drug that did away with all emotions. Someone is raping and killing your Mother. Why should you bother do anything about it? You have no emotions to drive you.

We need our emotions to survive. They are not a toy.
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For me, dulling all emotions is a step too far in terms of being unnatural, so I wouldn't do it.
I think its an escape for those who suffer heavily from their emotions, but they only suffer from the bad ones, so for them to live with lesser happy emotions too, well that would be counter-productive.
I also think we should try to suck it in and put up with everything life throws at us. Using something to dull the way every experience makes you feel would probably have a negative impact on the way you would cope once you stop taking the drugs. And if you never stop, well I think thats pretty sad.


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I would never take anything that dulled my emotions, they are part of me and who I am..If I took those away I would be no fun and would not be myself..So I will keep all my emotions good and bad.


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The anti-anxiety medication I was on for a couple of years did dull my emotions...it didn't just mute the anxiety, but every intense emotion I had. At the time, I didn't care...because the drug made me not care. When I got off the medication though and all of those feelings came back competely, even the negative emotions felt good. I felt alive for the first time in years!

So no...knowing what I do now, I would never take a drug like that. I cherish all of my emotions...they make me who I am.
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