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Emotional at Saying Goodbye?


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Simple question really. Whenever you go overseas, or bidding farewell to someone, do you get emotional? Do you get teary eyed? Or just a simple hug and goodbye is fine? As for me? I am an emotional grizzly bear LOL! Especially when it's family.

I went on vacation with the family a few years ago to New Zealand, and because we were generally a lot more closer to them, it was hard saying goodnye, especially when everyone was just balling their eyes out lol.

What about you guys?


Free Spirit
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I was raised by my grandparents but sometimes I stayed with my mom for short periods. When we would visit my grandparents it about killed me to leave. Of course when I got older I took it better. Now though it doesn't bother much when I say goodbye to family or friends. If my son didn't live so close and I didn't see him so often I bet saying goodbye to him would bother me.


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I would prefer to wear my heart on my sleeve and just bawl when I'm saying goodbye to someone forever or a long time, but when I did that in the past people just batted me down... so I've learned to just keep it to myself. I do get very emotional about stuff like this... I just do it in private now. Like I say, not my preferred way, but hey.


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I don't think I've done well saying goodbye recently. I like being near to the people that I love, being separated is hard for me. It's usually not me leaving but rather other people. I get super emotional when I know I won't be seeing a good friend for a while.

What's really hard for me is permanent relocation (aka moving),


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Never really been too difficult for me. Maybe its my lack of attachments with most people, or maybe its my general detachment from most things, its as easy as telling someone my phone number, standard and un-phasing.


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I never get emotional saying goobye. In fact, I get a lot more emotional saying hello, like coming home after being away for a long time.


I'm serious
I've traveled a fair bit in my life, and the goodbyes are always emotional. But the worst was the two times I went abroad for long periods at a time, ie 12 months. I of course get emotional myself, but then I also have the excitement aspect of looking forward to a new adventure. What breaks me is the thought of leaving my family behind, more for their sake than my own.

My mother pretty much breaks down every time I've left in the past. And just looking at her knowing how sad she is would have me in tears. The last time I went to the States for 12 months was a really rough goodbye. My brother and my best friend were at the airport more to support my mother. LOL. I asked my parents to just drop me at the drive through drop off, to avoid all the tears. That didn't quite fly with them though.