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Body chemistry.

Other than that, it's really just a stereotype but the closest answer you'll get is body chemistry, or hormones.


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Yes the can. Everyone has feelings and emotions. People express them in different ways. But this thread is outragous and very insulting !!!


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Why snowflake? It was a simple question.

There's certain times when girls are way to emotional, certain times of the month. Guys get emotional, but I don't know any guy who goes to see a chick flick and cries when something good happens.

Guys on the other hand, when it comes to some sports, may get emotional during a huge win or a huge loss.

It depends on what it is and how dedicated someone is to something too, at least I think. I know my senior year of high school I cried after 2 losses and a win, as did everyone else that played.


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Well i really don't agree with you there ! Both sex's get emotional all the time. Guys just try to hide it more !

Nothing like been sexist is there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In my experience girls are more emotional than guys. But not in every case! I'm personally not very emotional, but my brother is.... but us two are the only people I can think of who really go against the stereotype. If I said something to my group of friends who are male, I'd get a totally different reaction than I would from the females. And lots of my girl friends will bawl their eyes out at films, whereas you wont see a flicker from the boys. I'd say its the hormones that do it. Simple body chemistry.

Both sexes do get emotional from time to time but in my experience its the girls who do more and express it more dramatically or openly.


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Everyone has emotions. Not just women.
And it doesn't come down to 'that time of the month'

It's about peoples feeling.. and everyone has them , no matter is your male or female.
If someone is really upset they will show there emotions, some try to be strong some don't. So i guess it's a question if you show them or not !