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Emma Watson


Registered Member
Oh my damn, she is 19. I thought she was still like 16. My life just got a lot better. Maybe she would go for a guy like me. Smart, fashionable, perverted.

She definitely is one of my top 10 girls that I want to stalk.



Do What Thou Wilt
Shes nothing special.
If its teen super stars your after, I'd rather stalk Taylor Swift.


Babeasaurus Sex
Emma Watson over Taylor ANYDAY!

Emma is BEAUTIFUL, talented and VERY intelligent.

I thought she was older that 19 :-/


Do What Thou Wilt
Are you guys drunk?


Registered Member
Shes drop dead gorgeous!

I like cute more than sexy. And yes, Taylor Swift is on my list too. =D
Just not as high on my list as Emma.
Last edited:


Registered Member
Even I'll admit I always wanted to see Potter get with Emma on the movies since she is cute.
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