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Embedding Youtube


In the last forum I was in there was an option to embed youtube videos into a post. So you could watch the videos right there and then in the post without having to open youtube in another page/tab.
Is there anyway we can get this here as it was a really great feature.

Or if we do already have it and I just can't find it can someone please point it out.


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We had it up until recently. I'm guessing it's another thing that was disabled to speed up the site. Hopefully we get it back soon...


Ah I see, I keep hearing about this big server change or whatever it was that happened before I joined. I hope it's all up and running smoothly again soon.


Eye see what you did ther
I asked Hybrix a long time back, since the technology was already there on the profile page. I guess he'll do it when he has the time.


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Impact is right. We had it available for us before but it has been disabled, together with other non-crucial-but-nice site features, at that time there had been lots of slow time and glitches. It should be back sometime in the future, probably when doing so won't affect the site performance anymore.