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Similiar to a youtube, or img tag. You put [mp3]http://urlofmp3.mp3[/mp3]

I've seen it on a couple other vbulletin forums. It puts a little player in the post, you click on play, and it starts playing, it has a little seek bar as well. I think it's flash based, but I'm not sure.

It would be cool to have something like that. Makes it really easy just to post a little voice clip in a thread or something, without the person having to click to download.

If you would like brix, I can find an example of what I'm talking about I haven't explained myself quite well.


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It makes sense. I will see what I can do. Aren't most audio clips also available on YouTube though? Especially songs?


Creeping On You
Yah, but I can see this being used more in conjunction with uploaded sound files or something. Say I want to record my own guitar playing song and upload it to my server, and in order to share it, people have to download it from my posted link, as opposed to just clicking play in the thread. It's much faster than downloading, and I can see some good fun being had with it =P
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That would be cool too if eventually it's something we can add in the profile. Even though youtube has a video of a song, sometimes I just like hearing the music and not really watching the video (that's why I don't have a youtube vid on my profile anymore). :lol: