Embarrassed to work out at a gym?


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I am guilty of this and thought I'd ask others as well. I don't remember seeing a thread like this before but if there is one let me know...

Do any of you feel anxious or embarrassed to work out in front of others at a gym? I tend to only work out by myself and alone. I guess I feel like others are watching me and I dont like being judged because maybe I'm not as ripped as someone else in the gym.

Anybody else feel this way?
No it doesn't bother me, seeing as nobody I know goes to the same gym as me so I will never see the people there again (well, apart from at the gym :lol:)

I did feel self-conscious at first but I got used to it pretty quickly. Also I don't do weights so I don't have the worry of not being as 'ripped' as others haha.


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This is the only reason I wont go back. I want to get my ass back in shape, but I've gotten a little bit of a spare tire, and I'd feel like a fat ass working out with a bunch of tone good looking people...

I dont know how to go about this...


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This is a common problem I see at my gym. I notice some guys sit around until no one is left but me, then they begin their workout. In reality a lot of the guys in there feel like that. You have to put something into perspective, do you really think all these guys pay (x) amount of money to go judge other men at the gym? Really they could care less. I'm in very good shape, but I'm not one of these ripped line backers, more of a wide receiver build. My biggest workout plan is military fitness workouts, which are entire-body endurance workouts. While some guys are doing curls in the mirror, I'm jumping up and down on the ground with medicine balls then flipping onto my back and doing flutter kicks then flying back into the air for lunges. Some guys will be pushing 350+ on the bench press, whereas I'll just throw a couple 25's on and go for endurance. No one ever looks at me funny, and when they do, I don't mind, because inside I know what I'm accomplishing by doing what I do, and what they're accomplishing by standing there watching.
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It depends on what I am doing..

If I am swimming I feel fine cause it is something I have done for years, so I really don't worry about being criticized about it..

Sometimes I feel a little self-concious when I am on the treadmill, but I have a treadmill at home so I rarely use the ones at the gym.

Now, I do feel really akward when I go upstairs to use the free weights and the machines rather than the machines downstairs designated for women, as upstairs is a male dominated area and there are rarely any women up there, so I kinda feel like guys are like "Wth is she doing up here?" I get over it though and just mind my own buisness.
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I go to gym alone sometimes and I am not embrassed, I am still 15, got heaps to build up, I ask around for a few tips there and there.


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Not at all. I love working out at the gym. Unfortunately, money is tight so I really can't afford to go.

My problem at the gym is trying to keep my mouth shut and not tell people they're doing something wrong.


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I like working out at the gym with others watching me, it builds confindence in yourself to not let others personal opinions about you take to heart. Also, you can watch other people to see how fit they are, kind of like some personal inspiration to get to their build, if that's what you're looking for.