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Email fraud


Registered Member
Did you get a response? I didnt thing you could make different id's witht he same email addy? I could be wrong tho.


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hey i got the same thing lol i thought my password got hacked or something lol


New Member
Dont feel bad, Yesterday I recieved a spoof email and thought it was from Ebay. Unfortunately, I logged on to my Bank account a had someone take $360.00 out of my account. Then I had to cancel my account, make a police report, contact my creditors, contact Ebay, contact Paypal, and Contact Yahoo. It totally messed my day up.


Well-Known Member
I am sorry to hear that. When I get a link in an email, I usually mouse over it to see if the link on bottom left hand corner matches the one in the email. Most of the time, the links do not match up. I hope that you will be able to get your money back. I am not sure why my email was used but think that when the auction ends, the bidder will be contacting me instead of the seller.


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Staff member
Did you just get your email address recently Dragon? Sometimes like with free email providers, if someone closes their email account, the name become available for someone else. The seller could have been the old user of the address perhaps. There's no way to add an email address to your account without confirming it, so that's probably what happened.

Either that or the guy typo'd his email address when entering it in, and happened to put yours. In that case you would have received a "email change confirmation" email that you should have clicked something on that said you did not request it or something. Not positive on that though.


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About a couple of months ago, I was looking at embroidery machines. One person was selling a well known embroidery machine, and it said that they were located in the U.K. When I asked what the shipping would be(wasn't interested in buying, but it was for my curiosity), I received a reply back. Then, I received a notice from Ebay about trying to buy an item after auction ended. Still don't understand that one. Anyways, the real seller contacted me, and the person selling the embroidery machine used the original seller's account to post auction. Now, I hope that this makes sense.


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with the way technology is expanding these days, it wouldn't surprise me if your computer got hacked....do you every use remote desktop? I'm not an expert with how it works but know its easier to hack a computer that has that enabled.