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Elvis & Priscilla


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I know Elvis has been gone for awhile...and every time I see Priscilla, she looks younger and younger....ahh..the wonders of plastic surgery!
But, while I know he was one of the most popular entertainers of all time.....and I know he abused drugs.....and because he was such a big superstar, he could get drugs as often as he wanted them....because of his celebrity status.
Now Elvis and Priscilla both have been seen publicly saying, that Elvis knew he had done wrong.
And he always loved Priscilla, and he wished he had treated her better, etc.....thus the song, You Were Always On My Mind, it was written for her.
He always loved her, and she always loved him, but she couldn't live with his bad drug habits...(I'm assuming).
But she has said that she wonders if Elvis would still be alive today...or at least lived longer...if she had remained by his side.
I thought the same thing today for some reason.....wonder if Priscilla had never left Elvis, could she have maybe played a huge part in him still being alive??
We may never know.......the drugs may have been stronger, and no matter what she tried, Elvis may have continued on.....and then...maybe she walked out without giving him the one last chance he desperately needed.
Funny how things work out in peoples' lives~


Where is my Queen?
I think that he would of stopped if Priscilla stuck by his side. If you love sombody enough she would of stayed by his side. It was her choice, as well as Elvis's. Elvis should of stopped the drug abuse and I know that Priscilla tried to stop him relentlessly but to no avail. I would of left too. It was a tragic ending that the King died on the 'throne' due to drugs.


I am a huge Elvis fan and I believe the song You Gave Me A Mountain was about Elvis and Priscilla and their divorce.

I saw Elvis in concert shortly before his death at the Richfield coliseum in my home town of Cleveland Ohio in Feb. or March of 1977
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