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Elvis Presley/Michael Jackson

King Of Music? Presley Or Jackson?

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Elvis Presley was "The King". Michael Jackson was "The King Of Pop" Both were awesome performers, Elvis a bit older than Jackson, but Jackson has been heard commenting on how much he liked Elvis. Based on their stage performances, how they sang their songs, the songs they chose to sing and the ones they wrote, which one would you yourself consider to be "The King Of Music"? Some of you may not be Elvis fans I know, but hell, some may not be MJ fans either. But I'm sure everyone has heard some music from both. So, who is your pick?


Problematic Shitlord
As racist as it may sound, Elvis basically took black music and mainstreamed it. That's not saying he's evil or anything, but in the world of music his sound wasn't entirely original. He was however (and partially due to his skin color arguably) the first prominent rock n' roll singer and without him, rock would not have progressed as it did. He arguably changed an entire culture of a nation with his (at the time) provactive dance moves and raunchy music. It was a major blow to the conservative establishment that America was and helped lead the way for more freedom of expression.

Then we have Michael who from a child to his death pumped out hit after hit after hit. People let his personal problems (most of which are actually quite questionable if you look into them, such as one man who admitted he lied as a child per his parents' request to get Jackson in trouble) get in the way of legacy which is the fact that he was a pure blooded entertainer and he was damn good at it. If you doubt his dedication, watch This Is It. He was a perfectionist and did nothing unless he was thoroughly satisfied. That work ethic alone is a rarity in the music industry these days and for that, I'm going to say the Gloved One wins this.


Where is my Queen?
Wow, this is a really tough question. I am a huge fan of both. I have every album of Michaels Jackson's and my father has almost every Elvis album. What Cons mentioned above is very true, Elvis took black music and revolutionized it. Michael Jackson accepted nothing but perfection and you can tell with his music that he had fun with his music which is very rare from an artist especially now. But I had to go with Elvis because I sometimes sing his songs just out of random, with MJ, I really don't sing his songs randomly, I just do the moonwalk and perform some of his dance moves at random. It seems to me that Elvis's songs are more catchy.


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I have to say MJ as I have more connection with his music. Nothing against Elvis but I don't really get it


Sultan of Swat
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I'm a fan of both here, but I'm probably the biggest Michael Jackson fan on these forums, so you know who I'm choosing. Cons pretty much stole the words out of my mouth. Michael Jackson was music, and it's incredible on how hard he worked on his product to perfect it. He couldn't stand it if the song wasn't to his liking, they even had to re-do the Thriller album because he didn't like the first product. To me Michael Jackson is and was music. He's the King in my opinion.


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I would have to go with MJ, I've listen to a lot of Elvis' music and I like it a lot, but Michael is what really got me to be a bigger fan with his songs rather than the late King. Plus I grew up listening to Michael as he advanced in his career, Elvis, didn't really get the chance.



Embrace the Suck
As much as I like them both I have to go with Elvis because of how he changed music. I think Con's points are well-made and I agree with him in some respect, but I have to give credit where credit is due.