<.:>::Elven Rampage::<::.>


Certified Shitlord
After playing with my first elf deck, I knew I had to perfect it. It's an awesome deck with all sorts of great abilities to plow over your opponent.

...::24 LAND::...

[24] Forest

..:: 26 CREATURES::..

[3] Llanowar Elves
[3] Elvish Harbinger
[3] Silhana Ledgewalker
[3] Jagged-Scar Archers
[2] Imperious Perfect
[2] Immaculate Magistrate
[2] Nath's Elite
[2] Nullmage Shepard
[2] Wren's Run Vanquisher
[1] Masked Admirers
[1] Elvish Piper
[1] Elvish Archers
[1] Elvish Lyrist


[3] Gilt-Leaf Ambush
[3] Elvish Promenade
[2] Gaea's Anthem
[2] Hunting Wilds

The idea of the deck is simple, swarm with powered-up elves thanks to Imperious Perfects, Immaculate Magistrates, and Gaea's Anthems. Llanowar Elves and Elvish Harbinger provide mana as well as Harbinger helping my deck flow better. Nath's Elite, with a power boost from Immaculate Magistrate can clean away the opposing field for the rest of my elves. Nullmage is in there to deal with enchantments and Elvish Promenade, Gilt-Leaf Ambush, and Imperious Perfect provide the tokens to pay for Nullmage's cost as well as give a boost to Magistrate's boosting power.

The deck runs decent enough but I'd like to clear out the last four creatures on the list with other cards once I get them.

The only problem is that I'd like more of certain cards that I just don't have yet. My ideal list of cards needed would be:

2 Imperious Perfect
2 Immaculate Magistrate
2 Wren's Run Vanquishers
3 Elvish Archers
1 Jagged-Scar Archers

If anyone actually bothered to read this, comments? Fixes?