Greets to all GF members, I'm new here, still just looking around a little, getting the general feeling of the board. Tons of posts to see so it's going slowly :lol:

Short introduction:
I live in Slovenia (Europe), I visit tech faculty, learning programming and anything remotely similar to that.

I like:

  • digital graphics art
  • anything that stimulates my imagination (novels anyone?)
  • Eating.
  • movies
  • games
  • wasting my time on movies and games
  • general slacking/deep thinking
I dislike:

  • school
  • any form of purposeful work
  • anything repetitive (i can handle 2-3 anything more is just not funny anymore)
ATM my persona is slowly diving into emo mode, so I decided to make an attempt at cheering myself up. I typed 'general forums' into google and here I am.

Hope you'll enjoy my bad sense of humor as much as I do and, of course, I look forward to beig here :)

P.S: I usually don't say much, so when I do, I try to make sure my toughts are thouroughly expressed, hence the long posts :) Hope you don't mind.