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Ellen DeGeneres Nude


Registered Member
Or maybe even Oprah Winfrey......if either of them were to appear nude in Playboy magazine, would you buy it, just to see what they looked like??
I mean, we can all agree, they aren't model material girls, but would the curiosity get the best of you, and you'd be tempted to take a look-see??


I would definitely not buy it. That magazine is a big enough waste of money, throw one of them in there and it only gets worse.

Would I be tempted? Am I tempted at seeing incredibly disgusting shit? Yes. Haha.


Regarding Ellen, I wouldn't want to see her nude pics. I'm sure there's nothing attractive about her body.

About Oprah, she could sound hot ... but still I wouldn't buy either of them.


Oprah..... sound hot? Whaaaaaat? Just thinking about her naked makes me sad in pants. Haha.

This thread has given me horrible visuals. Thanks.


Well, firstly, I distinctly remember seeing some crappy Cinemax-style soft-core porn with Ellen in it a long time ago. Not gonna bother searching for it, since, well, it's a soft-core porn with Ellen in it. It also wasn't that great.

That being said, I certainly would not buy the magazine with either Ellen, or Oprah, or whatever implausible female celebrity you want to list. Mainly because there is a thing called the internet which is loaded with naked pictures. So, if nude pictures of said implausible female celebrities were to be taken, and should curiosity get the better of me (and if it did, fuck you curiosity!), I'm gonna go with the free internet option over buying a magazine.


Registered Member
I don't buy those mags even with hot chicks in them so why would I buy them when less than hot chicks are in them? The internet makes everything free :)

For free, out of curiosity, yes I would probably look. I would not go searching for it though. If I came across a link in my normal surfing I could click it, just as I did for this link.


Registered Member
Well, I'm not a Playboy fan..of the photos or the articles!
But if I had the chance to see someone NORMAL...by normal I mean like Ellen DeGeneres, of normal weight and size..of average looks...no plastic surgery done....so silicone boobage.....no long fancy fingernails...yeah, I would look.
And I'm not a porn-looker-upper.....so my computer is free from that, you can check my disk after I croak ~LoL~


Registered Member
I actually like some of the articles and the jokes. And the pictures aren't too bad either. ;)

Well...I'm not a prude, I have looked at a Playboy years ago, and I have laughed at many of the jokes.
But I just don't want anyone to see me looking at one.......and I don't wanna feel like I'm turning gay by looking *haha*
Shit...that probably didn't sound right, but.....if you have a sense of humor, you'll know what I mean ~LoL~