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PPV Elimination Chamber


Goldust and Cody Rhodes beat Curtis Axel and Ryback (Rhodes pinning Axel)
Titus O'Neil beats Darren Young
The New Ages Outlaws retains (Dogg pins pinning Jimmy)
Batista beats Alberto Del Rio
Big E retains
The Wyatts over The Shield (Harper pins Rollins)
Randy Orton retains


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Rhodes and Goldust beat Ryback and Axel (Rhodes pins Ryback)
Darren Young beats Titus O'Neil
New Age Outlaws over The Usos (Road Dogg pins Jey)
Big E over Swagger
The Wyatts over The Shield (Bray pins Ambrose)
Batista over Del Rio
Orton retains


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I will say though, Rhodes/Goldust vs. Rybaxel is a little bit of a toughy to choose. I said Rhodes/Goldust since Rybaxel have been getting buried as of late but at the same time, if the Rhodes brothers are going to split up and wrestle each other at Mania, this is the time for them to lose and have a falling out.


New Member
My picks for PPV:

Tag Team Match: Cody Rhodes and Goldust over Rybaxel

Grudge Match: TItus O'Neil over Darren Young

WWE Tag Team Championship: USOs over The New Age Outlaws

Intercontinantal Championship: Jack Swagger over Big E

Singles Match: Bautista over Del Rio

6-Man Tag: The Wyatt Family over the Shield

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: (would WANT it to be Cesaro)..... but realistically going to play out as Orton retains
Kickoff Tag Team match: Curtis Axel and Ryback over the Rhodes boys with Ryback pinning Cody to further set up Rhodes boys at mania
Grudge Match: Titus O'Neil over Darren Young
WWE Tag Team Championship: The New Ages Outlaws over The Usos with Road Dogg pinning Jey Uso
Grudge Match: Batista over Alberto Del Rio in a squash
WWE Intercontinental Championship: Big E retains over Jack Swagger
6-Man Tag Team Match: The Wyatts over The Shield with Bray Wyatt pinning Dean Ambrose
WWE World Heavyweight Champion inside the Elimination Chamber: Bryan and Cesaro are the first two eliminated to troll the fans. Christian goes next then Sheamus to set up Orton/Cena part 700,000,000. Orton wins after Wyatts get in chamber and lay out Cena


Sultan of Swat
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GuzmansJheriCurls said:
so what was scores after Royal Rumble?
Check PPV pick Em's sticky thread.


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My predictions for tonight Elimination Chamber
I see Randy Orton walking out and retaining his title over Cesaro, Sheamus, Bryan, Cena and Christian
Swagger over Big E I think his title reign will be over especially with that sneaky Zeb and possibly Cesaro in his corner
Darren Young over Titus O'Neil for no reason at all
NAO over the Usos. Each USO did pick up 2 victory's over both the NAO I just don't see WWE giving the title to the Usos tonight maybe a Mania rematch would happen
For the Kick-Off show- Rhodes-Brothers over Rybackle. Rhodes Bros deserve to be on the actual PPV not the internet addition of the PPV
Shield vs Wyatt Family- I see the Wyatt Family winning The Shield will break up tonight Roman will get tired of Ambrose and spear him for Harper to pick up the victory
Batista vs Del Rio- Batista winning no doubting here I don't think the WWE has anything else for Del Rio


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Brotherhood beats Rybaxel
AJ beats Cameron(Rumored match)
Titus pins DY
NAO beats Usos(Road Dogg pins Jimmy)
Wyatts beat Shield(Bray pins Ambrose)
Batista pins ADR
Swagger pins Big E
Cena wins Chamber(Cena pins DB)


Registered Member
Here we go...

Rybaxel beat the brotherhood setting up the brother vs. brother match.
Titus beats Darren
New Age Outlaws win. (Billy gets the pinfall)
Batista beats ADR in the no-brainer.
Big E beats Swagger
The Wyatts defeat the Shield.
Daniel Bryan wins the chamber match.
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