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PPV Elimination Chamber

Good PPV overall. I got to see an awesome match between The Wyatt Family & The Shield and I got an added bonus of AJ Lee doing her best cheerleader impression.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I missed half the PPV but got back just in time to see the end of Wyatts and Shield. Sounds like a strong 4.5 star type of match.

Batista sucks

Awesome main event despite the outcome being boring.

Misha Mayhem

Registered Member
I gave this PPV a begrudging 6/10. And that's giving it some credit. At least that SHIELD vs. Wyatts match was solid. Now, can SHIELD just disband and STFU? That'd be great. LOL.


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Here's my long winded review of the Elimination Chamber match.

The kickoff show was decent. I'm kind of disappointed that we didn't see Goldust & Cody split but what can you do...
Also, at this point, what is the plan with Rybaxel?

Big E vs. Swagger was a good big man fight with a lot of back and forth. Decent Opener.

Tag team championship was decent but had nothing special or memorable in it.

Wade Barrett was awesome and hilarious for his BNB spots. He is perfect in that role.

Titus vs. Darren was good. Usually, the guy who throws the other guy through the barbershop window goes over so no surprise there.

AJ vs. Cameron; I just couldn't get excited for a match that has Cameron in it.

Batista vs. Del Rio was good for what it was. This match already had a big glow against it as it was anticlimactic after Batista put an exclamation mark on that feud when he put ADR through the announce table a couple of weeks ago. The crowd was relentless and great. The "Bootista" chants had me laughing so hard. Del Rio didn't have that many people cheering for him when he was working face.

The SHIELD vs. The Wyatt Family
So much to say here.
First of all, this is an early match of the year candidate. So many things were happening. I don't remember ever hearing dueling "Lets Go" chants in a tag match. And every single participant was stepped it up. Seth was definitely the backbone of this match, but all 3 Shield members emerged bigger stars, even in defeat. Bray and the family have quietly become the dominant force in the WWE. That finish where the Wyatts surrounded Roman like the Shield usually does was incredible.

The Chamber match was also great. Great spots and a great story was told. The ending was disappointing, but they had me marking out when Daniel Bryan kicked out of the first RKO. As a fan, you couldn't ask for more engaging finish. Also loved the new aggressive side of Christian. Christian vs. Sheamus at Mania? I also hit the exact number of 28 in the Cesaro swing roulette. YAY!

Overall, I think it was a solid show. The ending was a disappointment, but the event was good. The Mania main event still isn't good to me but I'm hopeful they can fix it tonight on Raw.

Misha Mayhem

Registered Member


Registered Member
Misha Mayhem said:
Dedman said:
BJBirdy said:
Does Mick Foley still work for the WWE? Or did they part ways again?
https://twitter.com/realmickfoley/statu ... 5289609216
He doesn't work for the WWE, but they can do projects together or something like that.
Yeah, I didn't think he worked FOR them, anymore, when he reacted to Royal Rumble, very publicly, the way he did. LOL.
Neither did I. The fact that he was on the panel for Survivor Series is the only thing that made me wonder if he works for them at all anymore.
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