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PPV Elimination Chamber 2015


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
So besides those four(Orton, Ambrose, Reigns, Rollins)who do they add to the mix to round out the Chamber match? One has to be Kane. Who's No. 6?
So, this is what we have thus far for Elimination Chamber:

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Seth Rollins (c) vs Dean Ambrose

*WWE United States Championship
John Cena (c) vs Kevin Owens (NXT Champion)
*Not sure yet if this is a title match; from what I heard on RAW, it is but I've seen conflicting reports on that

WWE Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber Match
Rusev vs King Barrett vs Sheamus vs R-Truth vs Ryback vs Dolph Ziggler

WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match
The New Day (c) vs Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs Lucha Dragons vs The Ascension vs Los Matadores vs Prime Time Players

Divas Championship also scheduled but based on what we've seen on RAW Monday night, could be a Triple Threat with Nikki Bella, Naomi & Paige

Maybe Neville vs Bo Dallas in a bonus match?


Registered Member
Is this gonna be a 2 hour show or a 3 hour show?

Personally, I'd prefer Cena/Owens be a non-title affair just so it's not a foregone conclusion that Cena goes over.

Is this going to be the first time that an elimination chamber match doesn't even headline the Elimination Chamber PPV??
Cena vs Owens is officially non-title.

And judging from what transpired at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable last night, John Cena might be the very least of Kevin Owens' worries right now. All of a sudden, the narrative for next week's RAW got seriously fun.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
The fact is non-title might mean Owens actually wins

I gotta think they'll add another chamber match for maybe #1 contendership...get guys like Kane, Orton and Reigns on the card somehow.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm really pumped that Owens will be facing Cena at Elimination Chamber. I want Owens to win, but I won't be totally pissed if Cena wins, but he has to make Owens look strong at the same time. Should be a hell of a match, and look for Owens to steal the show at the biggest match of his life.
That's why I'm thinking that Owens won't likely lose clean if Cena goes over. That's also why I'm thinking that a certain Samoa Joe might show up at Elimination Chamber. At least, I'm expecting Joe to be mentioned on RAW this Monday night and for Cena to get into the head of Owens leading to next Sunday.


New Member
My quick picks are:

Seth over Ambrose
New Day retains the Tag Team titles (although I'd love to see Lucha Dragons win)
Naomi becomes the new Divas champ
Owens defeats Cena (personally I'd LOVE to see Owebs troll Cena by coming out to Cena's old Dr of Thuganomics theme, but I know that won't happen)
IC Title I really don't care who wins, but I'll pick Barrett
Bo Dallas over Neville
My picks

-Seth Rollins over Dean Ambrose to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
-Cesaro & Kidd regain the WWE Tag Team Championship inside Elimination chamber
-Paige regains the Divas Championship
-Kevin Owens over John Cena (I'm so rooting for Owens for the rest of my life from this day forward in WWE, as I always did)
-Sheamus wins the Intercontinental Championship inside Elimination Chamber
-Neville over Bo Dallas
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