Elgin Declared Fattest City In Illinois

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    Source: Elgin Declared Fattest City In Illinois, But Little Interest In 'Fitness Grants' - cbs2chicago.com

    I especially love the last paragraph. That made me crack up. ^_^

    Was this the right way to go about this? Would broadcasting PSAs throughout Elgin have been better showing the dangers of obesity? You can't take away their fast foods and junk foods because there would be arguments on the other side saying they have the freedom to eat whatever they want. Heck, it seems as if this obesity problem will never get solved unless you do take away that freedom and force people to eat healthy stuff. Of course, I don't want that. I would like a limit on how many fast food joints can be in one city, though. Or at least a limited number every square mile.
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  2. Major

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    The Chicago area as a whole is one of the fattest in the entire country. I don't think anything is going to change the obesity problem in this country. Not even changing Cookie Monster to Carrot Monster.
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    Hah I was pretty surprised when I read the title of the thread coz there is a place called Elgin really close to where I live, but then I read the thread!

    Anyway, I don't think that this fitness grants will fix the problem, if free money can't even get people to get off their asses then what will?
    It's people's mind sets that need to be changed. Throwing a load of money at the problem isnt going to help. They need to be educated as well as doing the practical side, they need to get motivated. They aren't taking money because they either can be bothered or they don't know how to use the money to get themselves fit again.
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    More proof that America is clearly overweight and needs serious help. And wasn't the "fattest town in America" thing the whole basis of a Simpsons episode?
  5. Merc

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    God that pissed me off, it made me want to eat cookies. :lol:

    I wonder how the state of physical education is in Illinois in terms of recess and gym classes in their school systems.
  6. Major

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    Well I can only speak for the schools I went to, but I had physical education every day of every year. We were required to take three and a half years of PE in high school, with a semester of Health. I certainly didn't mind, it was always one of my favorite classes.
  7. Merc

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    I only wonder because at least in my state, I'm seeing a lot of recess and gym time disappear and it's alarming and not to mention, idiotic. You know the first thing parents and teachers will bitch about is poor diet, video games, television, but not one of them will wise up and say, "Are they allowed to play outside? How often? How long? What is their gym schedule like?"
  8. micfranklin

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    What state do you live in? 'Cause that kind of counterproductive talk about how kids are fat but taking away the best means for them to become un-fat vexes me to no end.
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    When I heard about that, I said the best thing the city could do is play it up and see if they can't draw tourists. They could host eating contests, and give out medals to the fattest person in town every year. Hell, build a statue in their honor. Then they could sell t-shirts with stupid slogans written on them like, "It's phat to be fat in Elgin!" written in some horrible rapper font.
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