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Elfen lied


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Who here has seen this anime or have heard of it?I have not seen it yet but will get around to it. I have heard a lot of good things about kind of getting excited lol.

The Realist

Its not bad. My friend loves it alot and he is hooked to it entirely.


La Coquette
Very good series. I have it and I was entralled by it after watching a very bloody first episode. But the whole show is not like that but it can get a little violent. If you want a small synopsis about it I can give you some sites to check out to get some infomation about it... Animenfo.com should have a little something extra for you to read


While the core plot thread had a good premise and questions that followed (somewhat) along the lines of Darwinism and evolutional conflict, It utterly failed in every other way. Each episode seemed to scream at me, "Let's top what we did LAST episode!" More gore, more ultimately unnecessary and useless nudity, more tasteless violence, and a tissue paper thin plot.

There was no real character evolution, and everyone pretty much ended up doing the same thing they were doing before. The ending was THE most contrived, trite, and utterly pointless campy bullshit that made no sense or even offered a sense of dignity or closure to the series.

You couldn't pay me to watch it again.


Such a wierd but strangly great show, I got all the DVD's it's 13 episodes short but good to what to find something...diffrent butI really like the intro sooo diffrent & out of the ordinary first I've ever heard Japanese opera lol


I haven't begun watching the series yet. I only seen AMVs based on it, but from what I can see it's pretty gruesome. I wouldn't mind taking a look at it. Probably gotta make sure sure I'm no on a full stomach before I do though. lol


saw it and like it...i think i liked lucy's character better then her other character nyu. The story 'bout the puppy was sad and the train scene. Didn't like the ending much. Not sure if I like the whole cousin liking each other in this series...maybe cuz i think he would fit better with lucy. but yea besides that i liked it.


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A well done anime. The animation is well down the characters arent given alot of time to develop over 13 episodes but alot of 13 episode animes are like that.

Basically elfen Lied hits 2 extremes, the blood and gore, nudity, and the cutesy romance. Somehow though these elements mesh well. Alot really isnt explained with the plot but enough is.

And i dont say this often but the anime had a good ending. Ive found that alot of animes have decent to poor animes, or questions that go unanswered.

Also there are technically 14 epsidoes to this series. The OAV takes place between episode 10 and 11 so i would advise watching it between those episodes the OAV is about as long as regular episode.