Elf Princess Rane


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Amateur treasure hunter Takarada Go has been searching for the famed Salamander for a long time. As he is about to come close to his goal...a chaotic series events leads him on a wild goose chase, dealing with a pair of fairies, Rane and Leen, that pop out of nowhere, his numerous sisters (who also seem to pop out of nowhere), the nefarious Yumenokata Foundation who aims to turn their town into an amusement park, the Fire Department who opposes them...

Will Go ever find the true treasure that lies before him? Will Yumenokata Mari ever win Go's love? Will wild-haired Zenshuuin ever Mari's love? Or find a hairspray that keeps his hair in place effectively? And will the fairies succeed in finding the Four Hearts that they seek? (And just how many other anime are spoofed in this video anyway?)

Content Rating: PG-13 (gratuitous nudity, sexual innuendo, slapstick violence)