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Elephants must be insanely smart


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I love elephants too Jeanie. This was pretty amazing.


I want one as a pet. That would be cool.


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All I have to say is WOW!

it even goes back and makes some slight corrections.


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All I have to say is WOW!

it even goes back and makes some slight corrections.
I know. It went back and redid some lines to make them darker.

I realize it had to have been trained somehow in order to be able to do this but.. just.. wow. Try teaching your dog to paint.

Yeah that's what I thought. I've heard elephants were smart but I never realized they could learn things so advanced as actually painting an object that exists in real life.

I've seen monkey's paint before and I've never seen a monkey paint something that was so obviously recognizable as a perfect shape of an elephant holding a flower, for example..

I really really was impressed by this video. Makes me want to get into training animals to do unique things like this. How fun would that be?

Talk about Dr. Doolittle...


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I really wanted to go to grad school at Emory and work at the Yerkes Primate Reasearch Lab, but it wasn't in the cards for me. I'd love to work with primates like Koko (the gorilla who knows sign language) :wub:


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How do you even begin to teach an elephant how to do that? That was insane.

Does anyone know where these elephants are located if i wanted to see them in person?


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It just goes to show that animals are a lot smarter than the world previously believed.