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PC Games Electronic Sports League adds League of Legends


Son of Liberty
The most popular eSports League in North America and Europe has selected League of Legends as one of 3 titles they will feature in 2011 in their highest level of competition. Today the Electronic Sports League (ESL) announced that they had selected one new title to join Starcraft 2 and Counter-Strike in the Intel Extreme Masters Series - your very own League of Legends.

We are honored to be placed in the top tier of eSports gaming, but the credit goes to the fans who have made League of Legends one of the most popular eSport titles in the world. Alongside the WCG (World Cyber Games) naming LoL an official title and the Season One Championship breaking viewership records, we are humbled to see League of Legends so widely recognized as a premier eSport title.

ESL Selects LoL for Intel Extreme Masters | LoL - League of Legends
Pretty cool news for fans of the game. Unlike Counterstrike or Starcraft I actually enjoy watching Pro Matches of LoL going on.

So it'll be neat to see LoL on yet another grand stage in E-Sports.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Goat, for those of us that haven't heard of LoL (I hadn't when you posted this thread and looked it up...looks pretty fun), could you describe it a little?

Apparently it's free to download/play, is that true? Is the free portion of the game worth it?

As far as competitive gaming, I think that variety is always a good thing. I would think that people get sick of the same games always being featured. I've seen a little Counterstrike and Starcraft being played competitively on TV/online videos, but never a game like this.


Son of Liberty
Goat, for those of us that haven't heard of LoL (I hadn't when you posted this thread and looked it up...looks pretty fun), could you describe it a little?
Most Definitely.

League of Legends is a Team Based "Arena - Tower Defense" game. Meaning players go head to head against eachother in either a 5v5 or 3v3 team based game set in Premade Arena's.

Each Arena contains two sides. Blue and Purple, the sides are mirror images of eachother for balance. The Arena is split into 4 locations... top, middle, bottom, and everything else between is "Jungle"

(Summoners Rift map for 5v5)

Each Lane contains 6 towers (3 blue - 3 purple) and one "inhibitor"

The General concept of the game is to push your enemy back into their base. Doing so all the way to the back (the Nexus) wins the game.

You push the lane using 1 of 75+ champions available for play along with AI controlled Minions, the Minions come in waves of 6 (3 melee 3 ranged) and provide Experience and Gold necessary to level up and purchase in-game items.

The game itself is Simplistically Complicated. Generally easy to learn, incredibly difficult to Master.

Champions that you select to play are based on multiple Categories of necessity. Support Champs offer skills that aide in areas like Healing, Tank champs are designed to take massive amounts of Damage and draw enemy attention, Mages or "Nukers" do massive amounts of damage using Spell combo's... they are usually really squishy (die easily), DPS or Damage Per Second champs are consistent Damage and usually considered the Champion that will Carry your team to a victory... also known as the "Carry" champ.

There are also Sub Categories of these champs where two Categories come together... you see this in "Beefy DPS" which are Champions that are both able to take Alot of Damage while still dishing out a Good amount themselves.. or "Support Mages" who can toss out good Burst damage while still Shielding their team mates.

The champions themselves is where the game becomes Complicated. Each Champ has their own skill set, no two are exactly alike some may be slightly similar... but none are identical.

New Champions are released religiously every 2 weeks on Tuesday along with the Newest Patch. The patches come every week on a Tuesday and address issues with glitches, champion or item balancing, or just otherwise tuning from the Developers.

Apparently it's free to download/play, is that true? Is the free portion of the game worth it?
Anyone can Play League of Legends to its fullest extent.... and NEVER spend a single Dollar on it (or Euro if you're in the EU server).

The portion that is paid is entirely for Micro-Transactions... you pay for Riot Points which are spent as "Micro-Transactions" that offer custom skins in game. They have no impact on the true gameplay aside from aesthetics.

Riot Points have a general conversion rate of 130 rp = $1 us Dollar. With bonuses for purchasing the higher amounts at once. (ie: $50 = 7200rp + 600 bonus rp)

You can purchase Champions in game with Riot Points. However you can also Purchase those same Champions with in-game earned points.