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Electronic devices


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
These days, about everyone buys the new electronic device when it comes out. That said, I'm sure we all have that one device that is fairly old in the house.

What's the oldest electronic device you own?

For me it's a VCR. My parents gave it to me because I had some VHS that I wanted to watch. I think they purchased it in 1995 or so. So, it's about twenty years-old.


I have 2 VCRs and 2 cassette tape layers / recorders and a turntable stereo with amplifier and 2 dual tape decks. . . . . . .


Registered Member
Still have a functioning VCR in my office at home. Using it from time to time since I still have about a dozen wrestling videotapes in my possession among other things.


Creeping On You
I have a VCR but it's only like 7 years old. Got it for my 20th birthday from my friends. But that's not the oldest thing I own. I still have accessories and games for my Atart 2600 that me and my older brother shared. The console got lost in the move but the case with the games and such I still have. Controllers too


Registered Member
I dont have a VCR but I do have a media player that I got in 2010 or 2011 and thats probaly the oldest gadget I have. I got new media players and I was gonna toss it but it still works and its easier to use than the others. Anyway I have lots of electronic stuff but its all newer than that. I almost always toss anything that gets replaced except that media player.