Electronic Cigarettes


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Has anyone who smoked normal cigarettes tried these? Is there a huge difference or is it the same generally? Obviously the websites for them promote the product but what are the downsides? Some general info on these things would be great as my soon to be boyfriend/cigarette hater just bought me one online and wants me to make the switch.


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I know someone who gets these. She said they're a whole hell of a lot better than ordinary tobacco cigarettes, because you get the nicotine or whatever, but without the smoke. So you can actually smoke these in public, like in restaurants and such. They're still not good for you, but she tells me they're a heck of a lot better than ordinary cigarettes. Also, you can get them in different flavours, which seems pretty nifty. :hah: Her one complaint is that you don't get the same "throat hit" (or whatever it's called) that you do with a real cigarette, but she seems to think they're well worth getting nonetheless.


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Bollocks. I smoke and I have tried these e-cigarettes. They are absolutely crap. I think they could work, but only if you have already made the conscious decision already. They are heavy, too long and taste completely diffirent, being vapor rather than smoke.

Good luck with that. Perhaps just don't expect too much, then there will be less to be disapoointed about.


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I really dont like them and see them as a scam. I know smoking is bad and unhealthy etc etc but Id rather have a real cigarette than that electric thing.


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Haha I guess this is going to suck then. Ah well I'll get used to it. This kid is the first one to take me out on a date so it's worth itl


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I don't smoke and for that reason I've never tried them, but I can't imagine they would be too good if your so used to actual smoke and real cigarettes.

Putting something in place of the real thing never really is good. But it might work for some and not for others.

Good luck!


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Haha I guess this is going to suck then. Ah well I'll get used to it. This kid is the first one to take me out on a date so it's worth itl
I wish you best of luck with that. I hope you have more motivation than doing it for him though. I find that it's impossible to quit smoking for someone else. I know it's a complete cliche, but you should want to quit for yourself, not for someone else.

P.S - don't sell yourself so short. I am sure there are many guys in the past and to come that would love to take you out on a date. ;)


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I have always been interested in them as I used to smoke, but once I quit I figured it would be useless to get on other than to curb the occasional craving I still get. Back when i was smoking I took a lot of time and effort to watch video reviews and read forums and find ones that seemed close to the real thing. The video reviews were nice because you could see the actual amount of vapor being produced and hear them as some of them you can hear it working when you inhale.

A lot of people like them though, but I think it is a lot like buying a car.. You really have to make sure that you are getting the right electronic cig, but also the right vapor.. There are different strength nicotines, and not only the strength but some taste more similar to the real thing than others.. Just buying the first one you see isn't something I would recommend.


Both of those have many many many reviews.. They talk about everything from the look, to the throat hit, to the flavor, to the battery life, and etc.

Doesn't matter how other people feel about them. It is all about you and you might find that they will keep you away from the tobacco itself, so it has to be worth a try right!?


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I tried one of those electronic cigarettes. They work for some people but it didn't work for me at all. It doesn't taste anything like smoking and it's just not the same. Yea, you do inhale a liquid vapor form of nicotine so you're not getting nearly as much cancer in your lungs, but like I said, it just doesn't work for me.


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Well it came in the mail today and although they don't taste like cigarettes, they feel the same for the most part. I like it, but I will smoke the occasional normal butt.