Elderly woman arrested for keeping kids' ball

Discussion in 'Offbeat News' started by Wade8813, Oct 21, 2008.

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  2. Shwa

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    What in the hell, those douchebags actually called the police on a 89 year old woman.....what neighbors. I liked her attitude though :D:D

  3. Duke1985

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    On one hand its just a football and she should have given it back and told them to play somewhere else.

    On the other hand the police probably should have just told her to give it back, arresting her is just police stupidity.

    On the third hand third hand the kids probably should be watching were their football was going, but kids are kids I still have some memories of shit like this happening on my block, and usually it wasn't intentional.

    I really think this is a case of people overreacting and some bored cops with nothing better to do being total dicks, and they wonder why people hate them.
  4. Malificus

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    That article has some of the most retarded comments I've seen in a long time
  5. ysabel

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    It seems that there was already a history of dispute because of the ball that kept landing on her yard. She was probably tired of arguing about it and instead just took the ball to teach them a lesson.

    We used to have a weekly show here showing arguments between neighbors and how the law is trying to intervene. It's amazing how some people simply cannot settle little things among themselves and have to blow up issues and add drama to it that eventually, they would require legal intervention.
  6. EndWinterRomance

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    if you watch the video the police asked her to give the ball back and she refused, which i guess is also failure to comply. She takes all the kids balls it sounds like and that's ridiculous. old lady needs a freaking hobby.
  7. ysabel

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    ETA: Of course there are also people that lack minimum courtesy and sense that only a legal threat would make them change their ways. For example, one of our neighbors would always park his/her car on our parking space (underground) because it's near the garage door. We'd leave a note each time for them to move the car. It gets really boring when we cannot access our own space! From time to time they'd still park their car there, despite our numerous notes. They only stopped when we said we're having their car towed the next time (as we have legal right to the space and they don't). But why isn't the first note enough? Why do people wait until they have to be dealt with administratively/judicially?
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    I constantly yell at the bratty kids in my neighborhood that trample through my yard, and each time they rip part of the banana tree with them and the poor thing didn't even get to its full potential this year because they jacked it up.
  9. viLky

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    If it happens a couple of times each year, fine, I'll give it back. If it becomes an ongoing thing like this article says, I would be frustrated, too.

    I would have gone a step further and popped the ball before I gave it back.
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  10. Tainted_Glory

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    "It landed on my property, it belongs to me!" This is and always has been my thinking. I just hope that an alien lands in my yard. I'd get an alien slave. I wouldn't even make it do chores or anything. I'd just beat the shit out of it. Probing me when I was 7 and what not... Dirty gray bastards.

    Also, I'm kind of on the fence about the ball thing. It's the kid's property and she has no right to keep it, but cops? Really? If I were the parent, I would just have a talk with her. Also, I'm not above hitting an 89 year old lady if I believe in the principle. Just ask one of my closest friends. He remembers that one day back in 05 when I knocked out half an old folks home for calling my friend the N word. It's not ok if an old person says this! If they say it, punch them or tell them to fuck off!
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