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Elder Scrolls V (Oblivion Sequel)


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Has anybody heard anything about the Elder Scrolls V? Oblivion isn't that old yet but I assume with it's success Bathseda is already thinking about the next game in the franchise.

What would you like to see in it?

Personally I'd like to see even more of a sandbox feel. Previous games have really let you do about anything you wanted but I think with new games like GTA raising the bar on the term "Sandbox", Bathseda can certainly bring even more openness to the Elder Scrolls V.

What do you guys think? Who here is a fan of the series and where would you like to see it go?


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Most of the same developers/designers are working on a sequel to Fallout. Which is one of my favorite PC games.

I'm not sure on a Elder Scrolls sequel though, but a better sandbox-like feel would be great. They'd need alot more improvement on it however,I wasn't that impressed by the traveling in Oblivion. Maybe it'd be too much to ask for, but if an oblivion sequel had a decent online play, it'd easily be one of the greatest RPGs for consoles.
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My friend had a problem with "layering of clothing" which means in Morrowind you were able to wear a robe underneath your armor, which the robe would be enchanted adding to the overall powers/abilities/defenses of your character. I think it would be nice to have that back as well for I ran into a buch of situations where I could have used more defenses but was unable to with the armors I had.

Secondly, online-multiplayer-functionality. Something where you and your friends can play together. I'm not saying an mmo. That is not the direction Elder Scrolls should go. I'm saying something where you and atleast one other friend can travel and do things in the world at the same time. Plus, having the ability to play people online in an arena type environment to match your character up to other peoples characters via live, would be incredibly awesome.

Thirdly, as you say, more of a sand-box feel. It was awesome the way it was, but you always wanna see more in a sequel. I remember in Morrowind I stole pillows from a whole town, but noticed I could not pick up a pillow in Oblivion.... I was sad lol. But yeah, you know where I'm going with this.