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Games Elder Scrolls Online to be Subscription based.


Well-Known Member
Even with WoW being succesful sub-based game reaching 12mill in like..08? It's slowly losing numbers now being at 7 million players. TESO has no chance of getting through this.
Right? It's like they signed the death warrant for their game before they even launched it.

Right now, gamers aren't demanding more ways to spend money (new games on this next gen will be priced at insane levels I'm sure). People are looking for ways to spend less money, $160 per year on one game just doesn't make any sense to me at all.


For the Horde!
I think people can make the argument ''Least it's cheaper than boose/cigs every so often than 15$ or less'' for a sub to WoW which it's price never changed.''