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PC Games Elder Scrolls Anthology announced


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Bethesda just announced today that they are going to be releasing an Anthology for the Elder Scroll series for the PC. It will be released on September 10th of this year for the low price of 80 bucks. Included will be all five major games, and all the DLC for Morrowind, Oblion, and Skyrim. This actually kinda makes me wish I had a good enough computer to get this.

The Elder Scrolls Anthology compiles all games plus DLC - Destructoid


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That's awesome...I don't have a computer for gaming but Elder Scrolls just rules. I've still gone back and visited Morrowind from time to time because - while the new games are obviously better - it still had that huge sprawling world and mythology/detail that blew me away. It's still better than most modern games in that sense.


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That sounds awesome. But I'm more excited for Eldar Scrolls Online coming to PS4/X1!


Oh man that is so badass. Now I wish I waited and didn't buy Skyrim already. I already have Oblivion too. So it's not really worth me getting.