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Einstein's Time Travel Theory


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Wow. This is very very cool and very interesting.

YouTube - Discovery - First Time Machine

This machine is actually being made. Apparently the people building it truly believe that it has the power to transmit messages and objects from the future.

Time travel like in the movies is not possible with this machine, however, according to their calculations, as long as the machine stays powered on, messages will be able to be sent back only to the time that the machine was first powered on. That has not happened yet but apparently they think that it could happen soon.

I hope it doesn't happen. This is a scary thought that something like this actually could even make sense, let alone actually work.

I'm getting a headache just thinking about it. Einstein really was a genius that's for sure. Even if this doesn't actually work, the theory itself is very impressive.


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I was discussing with my husband a while ago about the possibility of having an actual "Star Trek" transporter device and could it work, much like this Time Travel Machine.
It's an interesting topic, but highly improbable. We're corporeal beings, made up of gazillions of cells. The first thing a transporter beam would have to recognize is how each individual cell is structured and then commit it to memory in order to return it to it's original mass.
And in order to travel at the speed in which it must to convert the cells to pure energy would require incredible heat... which seems something the composite base could never adapt or re-adapt to, without wearing down the basic make-up.

Time travel is fascinating and I must sound like someone from the Seventh Century who still believed the earth was the center of the galaxy... but until those challenges are met, it's very, very... very far from ever happening. Still, da Vinci was designing helicopters in the Fifteenth Century, so I just might be proven wrong here in another four hundred years.

Have you ever seen the movie with Rod Taylor... The Time Machine? A beautiful movie, but what a grim outlook for the future.


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Now where in the heck was that thing when I needed the warning for the Psycho-hose-beast. :lol:

I can think of a few fun uses for it :D Some illegal ones too ;)

But I would say that time travel is not a good thing. Hell look at how I would misuse it. :-o :lol:


I think this is very interesting. I cannot say if this is something we should do or not, but if this did work, it would take huge responsibilty. This made me think of that story "A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradburry. this has implications beyond our comprehension. we could change the past (our present) and find that we changed the present(our future).
I also found the part about receiving messages from the future very interesting. people in the future might warn us not to do something (or to do something we did not) that would have impacted us greately in a bad way if we did (or did not)do it.
Haha. i can totally see this put into a movie.
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If I can relate this time-traveling thing with religion.

There is a story from the Holy Qur'an talked about a group of men and a dog that hiding in the cave, and then Allah (the God) prevented them from hearing and put them to sleep.

When they woke up, they thought they just slept for a couple of hours, but when one of them gone into a nearby village to buy some provisions, he found out that they have been sleeping for more than 300 years.

I believe that this story also being told in the Holy Bible.

So I think I believe that time traveling is a possible thing.


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Time Travel is a bizarre idea, and i have no idea how these people are explaining how this works because it is too advanced for my mind, but if this actually did work, then it could be used really effectively in war, but if our enemies had it, then we would pretty much get our butts kicked.


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If time travel were possible the entire universe would be destroyed, at least if you are thinking along the lines of Back To The Future the movie, this really did seem to make sense as far as interacting with people from a different time period went, I know that it is possible to slow time down because it's been proven but going back in time is a completely different concept so it going into the future, it doesn't make sense that this is possible.


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Phoenix is that the story about the Time Travel Safari? I love that story.

I was talking to someone this weekend who theorized that time doesn't exist. The present is the only thing that exists. Granted this guy smokes a lot of weed, but it makes you stop and think. We only exist right now.


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The ammount of energy that would be necessary to power this guy's time machine, and our inability to produce it, precludes any possible success he might expect to have. Even if we were to take all of the energy produced everywhere on Earth by every method available to us it would still fall far short of what would be required to power his machine for even one second, never mind 100 years.

Once we master energy production through hydrogen fusion we can maybe start thinking about time travel - until then it's just one means by which physicists secure grants.

In all honesty, I doubt very much he even expects to be successful.

When he turns that machine on he's going to have little more than a very expensive convection oven, and he knows it.

But the Discovery Channel asked him to be part of one of their documentaries on "Time Travel!!!" and he figured, "What's the harm?"

I'm sure his research is focused on overcoming one or more of the obstacles that science presently believes stand in the way of time travel, or maybe his laser array is designed to see if you actually can move a particle in a spiral trajectory toward a certain point in the manner that would be necessary to make such a "time machine" eventually work.

But to think that he might have a solution now is silly - very, very, very fucking silly.

Science doesn't even know if time travel is possible. We know that some solutions to the relativity formula allow for it, but a formula allowing for it doesn't translate - in any way - to humans being able to replicate the phenomenon here on Earth.