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EgyptAir crash


Free Spirit
Staff member
An EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo made two sharp turns before plunging into the Mediterranean Sea, Greece's defence minister says.
EgyptAir crash: Plane 'made sharp turns before plunge' - BBC News

They aren't calling this a terrorist attack yet but Egypt's civil aviation minister believes that is more likely than technical problems.

I feel for the people that died in this crash and their families.


Registered Member
Odds are strong it was a human-caused explosion. Odds are good it was terrorism. But terrorism by whom against whom? Most of the passengers and all of the crew were surely Muslims themselves. Egypt is not the West. It is, however, a military dictatorship facing increasing terror-based opposition, as it's imprisoned/executed other kinds of opponents.


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The cockpit voice recorder has been found. They're turning it over to the investigators. It was damaged but the data unit is still intact but they need 48 hours to get the information from it. They're till searching for the flight data recorder but now they know where the plane is so they can find that too.

They still think it was terror so maybe one Muslim sect vs another one - maybe a lot like Sunnis hate on the Shiites or something like that.