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Eggnog Recipes


Registered Member
I want to make my own eggnog this year and I've had some not so great eggnog in the past, but then I've had some real winners. Those people are unwilling to share their recipes - I hate it when people do that - but I'm hoping some of you might be a little more generous!


Free Spirit
Staff member
I love eggnog so I will be watching this thread for a good recipe.

I usually buy it already made. Southern Comfort makes some great nonalcoholic eggnog. There is a type in a can, can't remember the name, that is horrible. Eggnog is one thing you don't want to go for the cheapest brand.

Beware eggnog does have lots of calories in it. Which is why I would like to have a good recipe so I can make it for my husband. Trying to fatten him up. I on the other hand shouldn't drink too much.


Registered Member
I love it too!

That's usually how I do it too. I've found some good ones over the years, but none taste as good as the homemade versions I've tried. I've never even seen eggnog in a can...I'll be sure to steer clear of those! It really is one of those drinks that is totally worth paying extra for.

Hahah, you and me both! Usually, for my sanity and enjoyment, I throw calorie counting out the window during the holidays and use my New Year's Resolution to get all healthy again. Or tell myself that anyways!