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Effective Commercials?


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Staff member
I saw this commercial just now and was pretty impressed. It's no frills and straight to the point. It's also extremely clever and shows off the companies product in a great way.

Epson WorkForce Pro - Cheetah Fast - YouTube

Is it just me or is this a really effective commercial?


That makes me want the printer...ill give em that

With alot of products its hard to get creative, i really cant believe someone hasnt thought of a printer commercial like that before tho...well, itd be silly if any other company tried it now :lol: so i guess that means that epson=winning


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It's effective enough to get my attention but I still feel kinda clueless. There's no price range given and the operating conditions used in the ad weren't mentioned. It still does prompt me to wanna learn more about the printer so yeah, I'd def call it effective. But I'd def wanna know more about it and check out reviews.
I'm glad I can speed-read. That aspect of the ad is def effective.


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As Dekzper said. I would like to test it by myself first. Have been tricked by those nasty commercials many times.. :>


That's one of the best commercials I've ever seen but I don't like Epson products.
I had and Epson printer which didn't last more than 6 months. A friend of mine also had an Epson printer which caused her lot of trouble.

So yeah, behind a good commercial there could be a bad product.


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I love the Cadburys adverts...
Theyre always wacky / weird and memorable :)