EFF Sues CIA, DoJ, DoD for Social Networking Surveillance Info

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by Wade8813, Dec 6, 2009.

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    I don't know how I completely feel about this. One the one hand, I've always hated the societal double standard concerning privacy stripping networking sites like Facebook and how people squawk about their own privacy and then divulge their secrets in public posts. I also think our government has gotten way too cozy with its citizens in the last several years. That being said, I think I'm more annoyed that people are bothered by this. I mean let's be realistic, as incompetent as they can be, did anyone really think it was going to take the US government long to realize one, the general stupidty of the public to divulge sensitive information (especially criminals) and two, the privacy time bomb that places like Facebook and Youtube really are? I can't feel bad for the people they follow either. It's not hard to protect yourself on Facebook and you certainly don't need to be posting videos of your protests or extremist rants on Youtube. If you get government attention, you were probably asking for it.
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    I have no problem with this at all, if you're stupid enough to post activity on a public site that can get you in trouble, ie participating in a riot, I have no problem with the government using that information to track you down.
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    To be fair, at least on FB you can post stuff, and set it to a setting where only friends can see it, so you might think it was more private. Or if someone has a conversation over IM/PM, which most people think is solely between the participants.

    Also, it seems like they're trying to go around regulations on that sort of thing. I'm not sure if those regulations are a good system or not, but they do tend to exist for a reason.
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    Are you talking about the regulations Facebook and other sites have? I don't think whatever regulations they have would hold much water, these are still things set up in a public forum, I don't think there's much of an expectation of privacy.

    I can understand an email exchange, that is much more private. That I would have a problem with if the government is hacking into email accounts. That I liken to phone calls. But posting something on Facebook or Youtube is much more public.

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