Eek! Family finds dead mouse in cheese


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That would destroy me if I found that in my cheese because I dearly love it and eat cheese everyday without fail. I honestly don't know if I could eat any after that but I hope I never have to find out.
The agency believes the mouse did not originate inside the cheese factory, but rather was brought in with some of the added ingredients, perhaps the jalapeno peppers.
lol - lies. What mouse would willingly travel in jalapeños? I call shenanigans. :hah:

That's gross. It reminds me of the story where the woman found a mouse in her food and sued the restaurant afterwards. To find out, I think the woman planted that mouse in her food.
I don't think that would put me off cheese for long, if at all.
What are the odds of that happening twice to the same person :lol:
Actually I've changed my mind. Thats pretty gross. :nod:


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Reading this makes me gag a little. I love cheese so much I would be devastated if this happened to me. Can't even imagine.