[Editorial] Desperation (Follow-Up): Why People Adore Sarah Palin

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Merc, Nov 23, 2009.

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    In my recent piece, I discussed the desperation of the conservative party as a reason why politically inept fear mongerers like Glenn Beck make so much money and garner so much attention. I recently found a video on Reddit that continued my train of thought as to how the political climate in this country is slowly dying, not just for the conservative party either. Watch this video first then continue, would you kindly?

    YouTube - SARAH PALIN BOOK SIGNING - Interviews with Supporters

    What the video shows is that Americans are poorly informed. Well, at least a crowd of eager conservatives hoping to get a peek at Sarah Palin and absorb some of her "awesomeness". Now, I only have this video to show but liberals are also an example here. The amount of stuff you heard from the Obama crowd has now dwindled because of his poor performance in his first year in office. Yet, we all know what was said and we know what people were expecting of him. Partisan jabs aside (I hate both sides, if I haven't made that clear) this video got me thinking further on the issue of the death of conservatism in this country.

    What this video shows once again, is desperation. The conversative party has failed gloriously these past few years. They've done such a bad job that the democrats and other left wingers have almost completely taken over DC. Bottom line is a lot of people have just gotten sick of Republican America. We are a progressive society and a lot of conservatives do not enjoy dealing with change. It's a common stereotype, but that doesn't make it false. People fail to remember that a stereotype is almost always true, it's just not considered a "good idea" because it is a generalization by nature. Stereotypes would not exist if they didn't have at least a sliver of truth to them.

    Sarah Palin is a dream candidate for the members of the dying conservative party. A wet dream to many of them because she represents the country fifty years ago. Her policies are outdated and ill-informed, she speaks in a non-elitist tone (elitism, being the new smear campaign slogan for the hard right against the left), she's a woman, and she's been pictured firing a rifle. However, none of those things make conservatives more happy than the fact that the left wingers HATE her. This is a desperate party, one waiting for its white horse to save them from the brink of death and thanks to the saturation of Palin hate from the media, we very well may elect someone based not on their experience, merits, or beliefs, but just for the sake of winning one "for our team." The problem is that the negativity towards her breeds unquestionable loyalty from those on "her side" and thus, people who would vote for no reason other than to stick it to the other guys.

    Deep down, I'm betting a lot of right wingers know she is not a good candidate. A lot of them did not want McCain, he was too centrist for many (especially while he was being opposed by Mr. Jihad himself, the socialist baby-eater Barack Obama) and when the media and left wing began burying Palin for being a failure rather than McCain, the right wing had found its new icon. The poor woman was thrust into a world she was definitely not ready for. She was a perfect representation of how they must have felt, broken down, battered, and in their last moments. They feel attacked from all sides, like they have very little friends and like uttering anything about what they believe will lead to trouble. Palin is, to coin a description, "blatantly conservative" meaning she is not afraid of being extremely obvious in her opinions which I admittedly respect. She doesn't do a lot of dancing and she's straight to the point, even if it sounds like rambling or if it sounds unrehearsed.

    To sum this all up, I feel British because I'm developing this arrogant "I hate Americans" attitude. The more and more I see videos like this showing oblivious sheeple attempting to change history in their misinformed favor, the more I'm tempted to claim my spot on top of a water tower. The new trend in America is to vote for the "hip" candidate, or the guy/gal they simply like the most. We've become so simplistic in our day to day lives that the government has now begun capitalizing on our ignorant stupidity. They see that we are less informed and are able to get away with much more. Bush did it, Obama is doing it and its because Americans simply aren't involved anymore. Modern politicians bribe us with books, movies, anecdotes and empty promises (although that's an old one right there) and we eat them right up. Politics have been boiled down so much that we've reached a point where we now simply argue for "our side". Except we don't know what our side is doing, what they believe, or what their plans our. Take the pain of the conservative party as a lesson and the desperate maneuvers they're taking and the people they're trusting their futures with. Let's learn from failure and be back to the same kind of country we were at points in time. So for now, I guess I'll just deal with my "British" emotions and continue to hate America for its ineptitude.

    Or is that French?

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    There's a video called "Why Obama won" and the maker of the video interviews people coming out after voting and he asks them simple questions in regards to policy, attitudes, etc..that showed some real ignorance on the part of those voting for Obama. When I saw it I thought, how many did you edit out that showed just as much ignorance when voting for McCain?

    I agree many are ill-informed and I agree with you, the trend is to vote for the "hip" candidate and not vote on substance. It's a scary trend we're really seeing in America.
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    There was a joke I used to tell about Bush: "I'm glad he's president, because he proves that in America, anyone can be anything they want. Hell, a retard can be president." Watching stuff like that, and really, just talking to some of my coworkers makes me wonder if a retard couldn't actually become president. Not that most people are actually dumb, mind you, they just don't think. Heck, exactly like the one girl in the posted video said: "I never really thought about it." It depresses me.

    As much as I disagree with most of the people who post in SD most of the time, at least most of the folks who post here use their brains, and usually know a little of something about politics or whatever else is up for discussion. It just baffles me that so many people simply don't, at all, and are apparently not bothered by their ignorance.
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    Columbus, Ohio too...of all places...The people of Ohio consistently embarrass me.
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    Reports of the demise of conservatism have been greatly exaggerated:

    ?Conservatives? Are Single-Largest Ideological Group

    Please don't confuse the failure of republicans with the failure of conservatives. Ever since the first Bush presidency republicans have tried to "water down" and redefine conservativism to something that it isn't (by moving to the left). RINOs (Republican In Name Only) like McCain, Snowe, et. al. are NOT conservatives and never will be. It is those liberal republicans that have truly damaged the republican party by trying to be more like democrats to win votes.

    I find it interesting that Constantine likes to remind us that he is neither republican or democrat, but only starts threads about conservatives or those leaning right (Palin, Beck, Fox News). Where is the similar treatment for those on the other side of the spectrum like MSNBC, Olberman, and Cooper? Why do these videos, obviously made by liberals with the intent of denigrating conservatives, seem to be taken as representative of conservatives? Certainly a conservative could go into a liberal crowd, get some of them on video saying stupid things, edit those all together, and present that as "representative" of all liberals (as CO pointed out). Wouldn't you agree that there are "sheeple" on both ends of the political spectrum?

    IMO the pendulum has swung far enough left that those on the right are getting fed up and are now more active in expressing their dissatisfaction. This is not a sign of desperation, just an indication of how far left the current administration is leaning. Soon the pendulum will swing back more toward the center.

    If not we will be more like the democratic socialists of europe where there isn't much difference between the parties and the choices are between which candidate promises to run the democratic socialist government more effectively.
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    [red](I)[/red] Introduction directing focus onto a more or less irrelevant aspect of OP.
    [red](II)[/red] Confirmation: "My side is teh best side, fuX0rz."
    [red](III)[/red] Body of argument, following introduction; still misses point.
    [red](IV)[/red] Demand for equal treatment, following mispercieved threat to "my side" in OP: "My side is incapable of imbecility."
    [red](V)[/red] Establishment of "other side" as the obvious villains, clearly set upon destruction of "my side".
    [red](VI)[/red] The "Rebel Yell". Figurative language and a call to arms.
    [red](VII)[/red] The "Villified-Word-of-the-Decade Drop"; take whatever currently frightens people, and associate it with all things "not-my-side".
    There's gotta be some formula here. While this whole thing was probably uncalled for on my part, I really couldn't help myself; I'm pretty sure this is a perfect example of what drives Cons absolutely nuts about American politics. :lol:
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    Irrelevant aspect of OP? I believe the OP was about the "desperate", "dying", "failed", "conservative party".

    Kind of like.... It's not suprising then, that they (conservatives) get bitter, clinging to Becks or Palins or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-(fill in the blank) sentiment to explain their frustrations....

    No, just making the point that demise and death of conservatism argument is not supported by this recent Gallup poll. Sure, I think that my position is the best position, for me. As for the insulting parting shot, not my style.

    See I. above

    Not at all, my point was it is easy to find imbeciles on both sides. I simply point out that Constantine has a history of pointing out imbeciles on only one side, even while acknowledging that they are on both sides.

    This video from the kids at "New Left Media" is typical of their tactic. Just like their previous video from the 9/12 tax protest. Their tactic: interview participants, find those that will say things that would make them look ignorant, edit those conversations for effect, compile similar interviews, use them to portray the opposition as ignorant imbeciles.

    No, an answer to the question of why do those rascally conservatives "cling to their Becks and Palins"

    No, I know what a socialist is, and it is not a tactic to "frighten people" it is calling a spade a spade.
    Ha Ha! :lol: Uncalled for?!? That is what I come here for: the critique of my opinions by others that do not share my views. I enjoyed your criticism and it made me laugh. In fact, I found the formulaic analogy complimentary, as it would almost make my ramblings seem to have flow and make some sort of sense.

    Isn't that why you are here as well, to engage others that do not agree with your position? As for Cons, it would seem that he actively contributes to an environment which "drives him absolutely nuts".

    Ah, the duality of man :lol:
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    Constantine, you brought up very interesting points, and I am sure there is a lot of truth in it. But I don't want to comment on the question whether the American people is misinformed; I'd rather just throw in my two cents from a European perspective:

    What bothers me most about American politics is the degree of polarization -- it seems that people on the two sides of the political spectrum have forgotten that in the end, they all want to serve the same country, and that they are just competing for the best ideas about how to do that. Instead, politics seem to have become a battlefield, as Cons said, where it's no longer about issues, but about "beating the other side", which is no longer just a competitor, but "the enemy". I don't know that from Europe, at least not from Germany: There always seems to be a consensus here that we have to stand together to find a solution, and that the competitor must be respected, even when you disagree with him.

    I wonder if that's because of America's cultural diversity. Maybe the gap between the progressive, modern, secular culture of the coasts and big cities and the rural, conservative, Christian countryside is indeed huge, and this is just a symptom of that -- at least it seems so. It even seems so that both sides of the country seem to live in entirely different worlds and realities, and don't just disagree between the interpretation of the same reality, but see an entirely different one.

    That's just my opinion, but I can't help but blame the right side for it, at least much more than the left side: There is no equivalent of a huge media propaganda network on the left, as the right enjoys with the Murdoch media (FOX News), various radio stations and an according blogosphere. It seems that those who run these medias create an entirely different reality than the one the rest of the world lives in -- information they don't like are ignored and not broadcast, alleged scandals about "the liberals" are fabricated and artificially pushed way beyond their importance, and even scientific facts -- like theory of evolution and global warming -- are constantly badmouthed, questioned and attacked. Polemic talking points, which don't have the slightest intellectual value, like the constant claims about alleged "anti-Americanism", "socialism" and so on are repeated so often, that the blatant idiots who hold such stupid views are confirmed and believe they actually have a point. And soon, people who keep constantly watching and listening to this stuff become brainwashed, uncritical sheeples of far-right extremists, constantly their prejudices are confirmed by this media bombardment, et voilà, you got a situation as in that video. For them, the satirist's word has become true: "Reality has a liberal bias", and thus, they ignore it, because they hate liberals.

    Again, I don't see anything similar in scope on the left side. Sure, much of the enthusiasm about Obama last year may have been similarly uninformed, but at least it wasn't based on a complete disinformation by a huge media network that pushes a political agenda on the cost of scientific facts and silencing down all information they don't like. On the contrary, much of the enthusiasm about Obama was based on his capacity not to ignore the facts he doesn't like, but his boldness to directly address them (like when he answered to the allegiations against his former pastor Wright). And much of it was likely a counter-reaction against the system of outrageously horrible policies by Bush and the media backing him, which deliberately distorted truth and reality to make a political point -- even though many Obama supporters probably weren't well informed, they were at least well enough informed to know they didn't want another Republican term.

    Also, it still seems like the left is in the defense against this right-wing media machine: You often hear talk about "bi-partisanship" on the left side, and many Dems in the Congress rather side with the Reps on issues that are left of center -- while the right seems to be a closed block. "Bi-partisan" seems to have become a synonym for "doing whatever the Reps want".

    As for Sarah Palin, I want to say that although I strongly disagree with her stances, and think she is not ready for the office of President at all, I understand why people like her, to some degree. She comes across as authentic, she just says what she believes, doesn't seem to play dirty tricks and is not boring, as most other professional politicians. Maybe everything Cons said plays a role too, but I think at least she seems honest, and that's much already, and I wouldn't say this is negative -- but I would never vote for her if I faced that choice, just because I think her honesty, which in itself is a good trait, makes her weaknesses just too obvious.
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    Maybe your perception is based upon the real differences in what US citizens believe is the proper role for government. Many of us still believe in limited government and individual freedom and liberty. Others would trade that autonomy for more security in the form of larger government and entitlements.

    Total stereotype.

    Now we get to the meat of your arguement. Is this what they teach in political science courses?

    :lol: Ever heard of NBC, CNN, George Soros, MoveOn.org etc, etc, etc,? The simple fact is that most of the main stream media has been on the liberal bandwagon for as long as I can remember. Now there is one network that doesn't follow the liberal agenda that the vast majority of other networks promote. That network is constantly under attack as are all other media outlets that don't get on board with the liberal agenda.

    Global warming is a "scientific fact", talk about brainwashed. Please visit my thread about Climategate.

    :shake: Talk about uncritical sheeples :shake:
    The situation in that video is not the reality of the situation. Of course "New Left Media" is presenting an EXTREMELY biased video. Do you really believe that there was no one in that crowd that could intelligently communicate their ideas and beliefs? As I have stated before, New Left Media's tactic is to go into a conservative crowd with the intent of putting a video together that makes all conservatives appear to be blathering idiots.

    Do you know what socialism is??? What about Obama advocating the "redistribution of wealth", "spreading the wealth around" and using the courts to promote the redistribution of wealth, isn't that a socialist idea.

    Most people I know don't hate others because they disagree on political issues. Many of my friends and family members are liberals and we don't hate each other, we just disagree on some things.

    I would suggest opening your eyes if you do not see anything similar in scope on the left.

    "His boldness to address" :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    You MUST be kidding. "answered allegations" you mean at first tried to avoid the discussion, then tried to minimize it, then tried to deny it (I went to Wrights church for 20 years, quoted him in my book with his saying "the white man's greed runs a world in need" but was unaware of the racist afrocentric teachings of Wright), saying he could not distance himself from Wright, then finally distancing himself from Wright? Talk about boldness and audacity:lol:

    :lol: The media did not back Bush nor did they promote his agenda. Obama supporters were terribly misinformed by a guy that voted "present" on issues in his very short time as a senator so that he would not have to explain his positions, speaks in broad generalizations, and is rarely specific about his views. His ability to avoid specifics so that others may project their views upon him is his greatest asset. You can now see the evidence of this in the fragmentation of the democrat party. They have a supermajority (House, Senate, & Presidency) yet they can not seem to move their agenda forward. Some in his own party find his policies either too far left or too centrist.

    Oh you mean like Nancy Pelosi shutting out republicans in the house health care plan? Democrats have a supermajority and do not need the republicans to move their agenda forward. They love to talk about bipartisanship which is a synonym for doing whatever them dems want. Having 1 or 2 RINOs support a democrat bill is hardly bipartisan.

    Heaven forbid we have honest politicians!

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