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Edge: the final spear


Lion Rampant
On the April 8 edition of SmackDown, I saw something go wrong. Big Brodus Clay was about to interfere in the Christian-Del Rio match and Edge got up from his announce table guest seat to prevent it. But Brodus appeared to take the ensuing spear incorrectly, causing Edge's head to ram into him instead of safely passing below his shoulder, as in this textbook example. Watch the bump at 7:30 and Edge's reactions to the sudden pain in his neck. Does it look like a sell to you? My guess is that it wasn't. It's kind of hard to watch.

YouTube - WWE Smackdown 4/8/11 Part 10/10 (HQ)

If there's any good in all of this, it's that he was absolutely killing on the headset up to that point. I even commented at the time on his professional-sounding voice. We'll be seeing a lot more of him very soon, I have no doubt. On the bubble now may be Todd Grisham, low man on the broadcast journalist totem pole.
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Sultan of Swat
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that, I knew there was something wrong with Edge after that Spear, but I didn't believe it would end his career. I said in the other thread that the Spear as a finishing move for Edge wasn't the best idea and it definitely had an impact on him retiring early.

I do hope that that Edge becomes an announcer, I wouldn't be surprised if he eventually replaced Jerry Lawler, he would do a tremendous job.

But like Edge said in his final goodbye on Smackdown, he'll be off the radar for a while.