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Edge is back


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I know he came back at the Rumble, but we have not really talked about it. I know that @Millz is a big EdgeHead, so I wanted to hear your thoughts.

I’m pretty thrilled. I, as well, am a big fan of his. He does so much in the ring. He did not look out of place out there and I really hope that he gets the belt once again. That said, I know it will be hard, but please turn him heel in a few months. He makes such a better heel than a face.
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Better Call Saul
Staff member
Yeah pretty awesome. I know there were some rumors last year that he denied but I was still surprised when his music hit at the Rumble. Its crazy two of my favorites Edge and Bryan came back from their injuries. SUcks for Edge that he couldnt wrestle at MAnia in front of fans

BUt hes getting PAID so im sure hes ok with it for now