Edge Injured.......Pretty Serious.


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From f4wonline.com

Edge was injured tonight in a match with Jeff Hardy in San Diego. About five minutes into the match he suffered what at this point is believed to be a torn Achilles tendon and the match had to be stopped. Edge apologized to the fans before being taken out.
The match started with posturing so they were really only a minute into the actual action when the injury took place. It appeared he simply planted his foot wrong and went down with his leg at a bad angle. EMTs came to give him help before he was taken from the ring.
That is a serious injury that would likely require surgery and a long period of down time. We'll have more on this as we get updated. The rest of the Smackdown crew has to leave first thing tomorrow for a flight to Honolulu.
An update from WWE is that most likely they are going to try and figure a way to get the belts on Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase. Right now they are looking at footage of the Edge vs. Great Khali match taped Wednesday night in Bakersfield trying to find a spot where they can claim a storyline injury to Edge if the torn Achilles tendon turns out to be the accurate diagnosis.

I don't think the injury could have happened at any more of a bad time as Smackdown are pretty low on main event talent right now.
Edge apologized to the fans before being taken out.
He didn't need to do that. How sweet of him.

Darn, I guess this means Rated Y2J is over. Just when it was starting to look good, too.

At least on the bright side we can predict that when he returns to the WWE he'll be getting either the World or WWE title back. 10 time champ here he comes.


Also, with the apology to the fans, he could come back as a face too. Be interesting to see that change in Edge's character, and hopefully it would be more successful than the last time.
Also, with the apology to the fans, he could come back as a face too. Be interesting to see that change in Edge's character, and hopefully it would be more successful than the last time.
I totally forgot he was a heel! Anytime somebody gets injured I instantly think of them as a face. Haha

Good point, though about the face change. That sounds like the most logical thing WWE will do when Edge returns. And, he better be on SmackDown! I love him there. So much success.... =D


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Yeah i can definitely see a face turn when he comes back from injury, he's been talking about it for a while himself and i'm pretty sure it's gonna happen.

Glad to see that they're planning on putting the belts on DiBiase & Rhodes. This injury does take a bite out of the main event talent on Smackdown, but that's great news for John Morrison. After his clean win over CM Punk on Smackdown i can see a title shot coming up for him very soon. Also with Jericho & Edge out of the picture as a tag team, maybe the Hart Dynasty will get a couple of shots against Legacy for the titles? Even if they're both heel factions at the moment, that really is a feud to drool about! :p
I really like edge and I hate when a good superstar gets an injury. I hope he recovers fast and there is no long term troubles.


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Edge is my favorite, and it's ashame he's going to be out for such a long period of time. That type of injury can take up to a year to heal properly, depending how severe it is. He will be missed and other superstars will need to pick up the slack in his absence.


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This bites an ibex dick. Edge is my number one.

Just last night while watching his facial expressions as Jericho cut a backstage promo, it hit me just how great an actor (the most important skill) Copeland's become. My heart goes out to the guy and I hope he gets a break with the healing time of his tendon.


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A bit more on the story from f4wonline.com

Pretty quiet news day other than the injury to Edge at the house show last night in San Diego. Edge was wrestling Jeff Hardy, and I believe it was a leapfrog spot and when he landed, he tore his Achilles tendon, which is a serious injury. We don't have any more updates other than what was put up last night. A decision on how to explain the injury and what to do about the tag team titles will be made prior to 7/13, which is the next live TV taping. Because Edge appears on the show that airs on 7/10, it is most likely that for TV purposes they won't be mentioning anything (they may on the web site) about the titles until that point. That injury would normally need surgery and probably eight months or longer of recuperation. The injury has ended many careers of athletes but probably won't be a career threatening injury because losing a step of speed, which usually happens after this surgery, isn't as big a deal to a wrestler.

He will most definately be a big loss to the Smackdown roster but on the brightside it may give someone else a chance to step up to the mark, I am looking at you John Morrison.


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I am glad it won't be a career ender, that's one thing that popped into my head when I read the news about his tearing a tendon in his achillies heel.

I think John Morrison and a few others have to take this and run with it, it's their opportunity to replace Edge as the main eventer every night on Smackdown or Pay Per View, hopefully him and a few others will be able to carry the load.